Saturday, October 29, 2005

Then I Remember "Che'" ~ Por Peta-de-Aztlán


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Then I Remember 'Che' ~ Por Peta-de-Aztlán
In deed, there will always be the guiding light of ‘Che’!
Our fallen Comandante, Companero y Argentine friend,
Whose borders, blessings and boundaries had no end.
To the "gente" he gave his pure love, fervor and fidelity,
Unlimited by mere racial, narrow national or tribal identity.

When I get lonely, when I feel down,
when no one else truly brave and loyal is around
and nowhere near can a fellow warrior be found -
Then, I remember 'Che'.

When I'm sore weary from hiking with long hard miles to go,
and it seems fresh troops with supplies will never show.
When I'm wandering around on the sinister streets lost.
when heavy burdens wear me down, carrying my rugged cross.

When I'm hungry bewildered with no place to call "home".
with nowhere in the jungle to go, so I continue to roam.

When I need the inspiration of revolutionary love,
as I tread Mother Earth below and eye the Heavens above.
Then, I remember 'Che'.

Love will guide us through the concrete jungles of Amerika!

And it's not ridiculous after all!

Tribute to Comandante Ernesto "Che" Guevara
ã Peter S. Lopez
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Message to the Tricontinental : Havana, April 16, 1967

Fight Back Against Amerikan Fascism!
Peter S. Lopez~HELP Field Coordinator
Sacramento, Califas, USA