Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checking In: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

@10:00 AM
Hola Shelita and ALL ~ You do not know nice it is to receive an Email with large font so as not to have to strain my weary eyes. The eyes are never full and much catches my eye these days, especially that which glitters and casts long shadows.

It is a quiet Tuesday morning here and I am more and more striving to keep my presence in the nowness of life and not get distracted by the passing of this, that and or other in the never ending parade of life's changing circumstances.

I have my Internet connection here now, my cable on and finally a fixed phone. I will only use my new mobile cell phone on occasions when I am out roaming the City streets and really need to call someone or an agency for a specific reason, not for frivolous calls.

I also have my work phone at Sally's with Voice Mail. Those who I know in my offline life know that they can reach me at the shelter or leave a Message there for me. Now I also have Voice Mail on my fixed phone here at my Command Center.

I see that so many political online groups post such regular stuff anyone can get from Google News and fail to ever post about what they are doing on a practical immediate level in their own local situation. Who have we helped today in practical terms? I always bring it down to the basic needs of survival: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education.

Sometimes with online cyber actiists I really do wonder if it is not some kind of perverse ego-centric obession with seeing their names on the computer screen that subconsciously motivates them to post. Vanity is a character defect.

Then there are those lonely tortured souls who just want to argue about asinine matters without ever coming to a loving agreement about how best we should proceed as an endangered species of life upon Mother Earth.

It is great when people in an online group can share information, discuss issues and reach general agreement, but being online it leaves the masses out of the conversations. However, with our local community work we can verbally share with them our knowledge received via the Internet or even get special print-outs. Talking-Circles hardly ever really talk!

Plus, there is a great need to help common people admit their need for better literacy, in terms of basic reading and writing skills, then for them to work on building up their literacy levels.

There is always a constant need for raising our cosmic consciousness to ever higher levels of spiritual understanding so we can see the big picture and how it all hangs together in ways that promote our survival, serenity and eventual success in life.

Dealing with people and relating to family can be hard sometimes and people not being on the same general level of consciousness is a big part of mis-communications. Many folks use the same sounding words with way different personal meanings. One man's trash can be another man's treasure.

A lot of life does involve communications, but these comunications must be honest, open and with a willingness to change, evolve, learn and develop our collective consciousness that intuitively comprehends the interconnectedness of connected reality.
Post-911 awareness should keep us all alert about how distant events can have immediate local repercussions. Sometimes a big bang!

Our communications should be clear, concise and to the heart of the matter. What do I want to say and how do I say it?

Throw the legs away and eat the heart out!

Over these last few years I know that is has been my many Emails to groups that has helped to improve my writing and convey better what I want to convey. Back in the day, there were some Emails that I would have to work on and took a few hours to compose, especially when I was at Mather Community Campus and had the free time to do so. I remember there I had a flimsy phone connection, sometimes the system would go down if I received a call and I would lose hours of writing work. Now the Yahoo Email progra has evolved over time so there is an automatic Draft Save. Before, I got a big idea of first composing stuff I wanted to say in a Word document and saving it in case my online connection got disrupted. Now I have a pretty secure Internet connection via the global giant Comcast.

Remember what I have stated several times before about what is Private to me in an Email should be announced in the subject line. Otherwise whatever you Email is up for grabs. Hell, Homeland Security can always capture whatever goes out via the Internet anyways. Electronic surveillance in cyber space. Parnoia is often pathetically weak and stupid. We can always stay in the attic and weave baskets if we want to feel the illusion of complete safety.

I do not want to be exclusive in my online communications, unless of course vital security issues are involved. I simply do not have the linear time to do little individual Emails and do not want to be an Internet online junkie while I witness this wrecked excuse for civilization collapsing aronnd me.

I strongly believe that real sharing is caring, especially about those matters that may be special to us but often contain thoughts and feelings that many people are too afraid or inhibited to speak openly about, discuss with detachment and analyze without bias or prejudice.

Obama is doing well on his Middle East tour, though he is no Savior-Messiah. He is the best candidate capable of winning the Presidency and it will be a great historic happening if and when that happens. Hell, McCainwould be better than Fuhrer Bush!

So I have my work cut out for me. I will check in with you on a weekly basis, try to keep it short, sweet and simple. I will call you soon and try to adjust to the time differences. You should already be into Tuesday over there in Australia and I need to call my Sponsor Dr. Linda in Jerusalem too.

Come Together and Create!
Peter S. Lopez ~ aka:Peta
Sacramento, California, Aztlan