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Fathoms on February 1st, 2007: por +Peta-de-Aztlan+

It is the first day of February in the year 2007 A.D. of the Third Millennium. Thank God the annual Christmas Season is finally over with all of its commercial capitalist emphasis on crass consumer consumption and base meaningless materialism. Enough with trying to keep up the Garcias!

Meanwhile, the vast masses of people worldwide are still daily enduring what seems like endless suffering in the deepening misery of poverty and there is still no comprehensive humane immigration legislation that has been proposed by the United States Congress.
Fortunately, there have been some significant successes in Latin America with the founding and establishment of socialist-oriented governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and elsewhere in the Americas, but Latin-nam is already on the horizon. .
The Amerikan Empire under the reign of global corporate capitalism still controls, directs and manages the world economy in its endless quest for market expansion as it knows that is must expand to live, though, it is already stretched out too thin in a way that is reminiscent of the Roman Empire before its eventual demise.

Puppet-Fuhrer President Bush Jr. has gone completely insane, fails to heed the sound sane advise of his own savvy military advisers and instead banishes them into national obscurity. Bush Jr. will be remembered in human history as the Dunce Decider that got the United States involved in unjust wars of military occupation in the Middle East, especially in Iraq ~ the original true cradle of early human civilization.

The doomed foreign policies of the USA has resulted in millions upon millions of decent Muslims cherishing a burning deep hatred of Amerika, all things Amerikan and billions worldwide harbor deep bitter resentments against the American people who they rightly believe allow their government to run amuck in foreign territories either through overt support for the bogus War on Terror, through the cowardly apathy of the American people and/or the dysfunctional Left-Wing Movement inside the United States.

In summary, the increasing corporate profits of big business go on as usual as the rich still get richer while the poor still get poorer. In the context of connected reality, our main central class enemy is still the ruling class of Amerikan Corporate Capitalism, not temporary corrupt politicians in the surface seats of state power who do not really call the shots behind the public photo-op scenes.

“We should strive for positive reforms as much as we can without forgetting along the way that a valid relevant revolution is the ultimate solution, not mere reform upon a corrupt body politic. Let us not forget the grand strategic aim: the seizure of state power by masses of people led by their vanguard elements!”

The grand strategic aim remains the same: the seizure of state power by any means mandatory by an aggressive armed people.

We should pray for a peaceful non-violent true resolution of all these great global conflicts between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ yet be prepared to defend ourselves against all evil predators. We should keep uppermost in mind that there has never been a real solid peaceful revolution. Even those that claim to be so for now were preceded by and the result of decades of social chaos, turmoil and mass bloodshed. Armed with a keen knowledge of history as a guide to action we should know that eventually civil war in at least scattered sites inside the United States is as predictable as nightfall. We must never disarm ourselves with naïve pacifist liberalism as we get blown away or quietly starve to death. It is not a debate of violent methods versus non-violent methods. It is really question of either fighting back and living or giving up and dying.
The evilness of those evildoers in control of state power do not rationally respond to a liberation movement’s military weakness as it rampages across the globe. It is still expansionist imperialism on the foreign scene and it is still authoritarian fascism on the domestic scene that we must find the courage to confront here now inside the USA. The natural automatic defense mechanisms of Amerikan Fascism makes it seek to defuse any true mass threat to its being ‘in power and secure’ by a zillion different forms of ‘black-ops’.

All along the way we must stick to our guns, that is, stick to our humane democratic-socialist principles and not compromise central principles in the name of a shaky surface solidarity.

Any professed activist who is afraid to speak of the valid principles of scientific socialism in the face of the greed, rape and mass murder of global corporate capitalism is proof of the fascist authoritarian mentality seeping into his or her own enslaved psyche as it hides the enemy within our clans. It’s still the economy stupid!

We should always echo eternally the core centrifugal fact that for the people the basics of real survival remain the basics needs of the people: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education. Always remember that the basics remain the basics!

We should be engaged in the process of social liberation because we are starving in different ways, our basic humane needs are not being met under this sick system of things and the United States government not only endangers its own people but it also threatens the life and livelihood of millions of people in other lands across the oceans. It endangers all human beings and really makes us a true endangered species, in fact, Mother Earth is an endangered planet and as our all living beings upon Mother Earth.

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Beyond any opiate of religion, good is that which promotes life and evil destroys life. Evil will never cease being evil and good always strive for goodness. We do not advocate any kind of violent people’s revolution just to have a new set of dictators ‘in power and in control’.

The big moral gap in the People’s Liberation Movement inside the United States is that is has no spiritual foundation and many of its old vanguard leaders are still stuck on an archaic left-wing pseudo-communistic ideology. It lacks a sense of its historical role and a comprehension of the urgency of waging our own Holy War or Jihad!

No wishy-washy wishful thinking can get rid of the urgent necessity of a relevant revolution as a quantum leap in humane evolution. That one kind of overthrow or another!

Relevant Link: Friday, April 21st, 2006>
Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

Thus, having no inspiring spiritual base the old Left-Wing movement has failed to magnetize the masses of the American people, especially the many millions who are living hand-to-mouth and all those domestic refugees who have been left out in the cold homeless without hope.

Thank God the Third World is coming! It is already in the many Brown barrios and Black ghettos scattered out all across the country.

Third World leadership inside the United States must set its own special social-political agenda and it is not the same as that of contented White people. Who worries about racial profiling? Who worries about being dark-skinned in a lily-White community? Who worries about being investigated by the INS or its stooges for being brown skinned? Who worries about being deported when going out for a dozen tortillias? Who worries about being mistaken for a Middle Eastern terrorist simply because they board a bus or a plane?

White vanguard leadership among White people needs to work out with its own people by terminating any remaining remnants of White racism as still the major obstacle to a unified liberation movement inside the United States.

Naturally, dark-skinned Third World leadership that is relevant and knows it is non-White will work most effectively with its own kind in its own natural environs. The widespread psycho-social disease of racism, whether it is institutional or individual racism and subconscious racism or not, must be wiped out of our souls by us all working together on common frontlines. Mass racism will eventually die out from one enlightened generation to the next, but this will take a very long time. We have long dark centuries of culturally ingrained racism to overcome along with a host of other character defects amongst all of us: greed, lust, envy, vanity, apathy and whole range of internal counter-productive enemies.

The majority of the people upon Mother Earth are of the Third World of Latin America, Africa and Asia, not the shrinking White majority inside the United States. Many Amerikan citizens still cannot think creatively outside the box, cannot comprehend connected reality outside the confines of the continental United States. Yes, our basic survival needs are identical but each of us must focus and concentration in our own natural habitat from our existential here now.

As humane beings we should focus on our immediate situation around us HERE NOW, not always get distracted by distant events outside of our immediate control and ignore our real local plagues, problems and predicaments. Escapism takes many forms and true activism must galvanize us in our immediate existential situation, not allow us to escape our local immediate responsibilities and obligations as true patriotic partisans.

Are you and your neighbors literate and able to read and write, including computer liberate?

Are you and your neighbors eligible to vote and if so are you registered to vote from your present address?

Are you and your neighbors aware of current events on the global, national and local levels?

Many decent companeros and companeras are positive, productive and progressive, but we should balance our lives and not forget to integrate our liberating conceptual theories with our liberating social practices in our local communities out in the streets among the people, out at our local café shops, in our own living rooms, in our own backyards and certainly in our own bedrooms!

The dream of true humane liberation must become a cultural life-style and all our efforts must be combined with practical activities.

In connected reality, there is no existent past nor is there yet any real existing future. In connected reality there is only our HERE NOW! Thus, each of us must begin our initial approach to the whole situation from our respective HERE NOW!

Venceremos Unidos! United We Will Win!
HELP Field Coordinator
Sacramento, Califas, Aztlan
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