Saturday, September 16, 2006

Virtues of the Warrior-Leader


The warrior-leader is inspired by pure love for the People,
Love for all innocent creatures and love for the Creator of Creation.

The warrior-leader.....
Inspires others with true words amplified by just actions.
Leads others forward by personal example.
Educates to liberate the masses day and night.
Seeks solvent solutions to real problems.
Finds good answers to hard questions.
Dreams dreams and envisions visions.
Helps others and seeks help from others to help others.
Studies and practices the arts of war,
Fight for and yearns for social peace upon Mother Earth.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

WARNUNG: Amerika’s War on Terror After 911
By Peta de Aztlan

By Peta de Aztlan

Closely examine insane Amerika’s War on Terror,
It’s endless pointless battles costing billions,
Against Jihad terrorists…..
Against Muslim fanatics…..
Against Islamic fascist fundamentalists…
Amerika’s War on Terror is a weapon of mass distraction!

Amerika with a ‘k’ as in KKK is always
Against something or someone for nothing or no one.
Amerika always has to have a nigger, someone to hate!
Now it is the Middle Eastern man making a living.
Does Amerika with a ‘k’ see its own paranoid terrors?

What does the True America with a ‘c’ see?
Does it see terrors suffered by hungry homeless refugees?
Does it see state-spawned terrors of these troubled tragic times?
Does it see terrors of evictions, convictions and state executions?
Oh say, what does America with a ‘c’ clearly see?

The fascist puppet-fuehrer twists the truth in his rant,
Time itself will take down hard the most terrible tyrant!

Where is the home of the brave?
In a haunted house full of sleepy cowards!
Where is the land of the free?
In a land of slaves and landless peasants!
Is America hiding out from its’ own ugly truth?

Fools and fanatics frozen in fear…
As the Statue of Liberty sheds a single hot tear.
After being robbed and raped of her virginity!
Then, was she raped or did she lazily give it up?!?
By being asinine in apathy and not fighting back!!!

And where in the hell is Osama bin Laden?
Who knows where he is or where he has been?
As Afghan got a bumper crop of heroin,
In fact, the biggest in human history!
Allahu Akbar! God is Great!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta de Aztlan
Sacramento, California, USA
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