Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I am Voting for Phil Angelides for Governor: By Peta de Aztlan


Date: Wednesday, 10-04-2006

As a registered Democrat, I am voting for Phil Angelides for Governor because he is the most progressive candidate running for Governor who has a real chance to actually win the race for governor on Election Day this November 7th, 2006 against the neo-fascist-racist Arnold S. ~the Governator.

I met Senor Angelides briefly by chance the other week outside his Sacramento Headquarters on 1331 21st Street, attended a Meeting of Latinos for Phil that evening and have checked out his positive positions on various issues, especially via his website, in relation to education, immigrant rights and the U.S. getting out of the insane war in Iraq-nam! Occupation is not liberation!


Of course, he is a rich white liberal with an emphasis on helping the middle-class. I understand the political expediency of his emphasis on the middle-class yet believe he has a real concern for all poor suffering peoples. I hope that if he is actually elected Governor that he will be open to change, growth and further progress in his humane consciousness, especially in relation to Latinos and the immigrant rights agenda.

I believe we still need to build up a strong community-based political machinery for the 2008 Presidential Elections and beyond… hoping we still have the right-to-vote in the future!

In general, Peter Camejo is the most progressive candidate for governor. Alas, he has no chance of actually winning the race due to the connected realities of electoral politics in Amerika today and the weak power of third parties on the outcome of state and national elections.

In my humble opinion, any vote for him or any third party candidate for governor would be a throwaway protest vote that would not impact on the actual election results. As a Green Party Member, I voted for Nader in 2000 and Puppet-Fuhrer Bush won!

Monday, September 25, 2006
Contact: Cres Vellucci 916-996-9170 Jo Chamberlain 650-346-3775

Gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo praises Angelides for moving closer to Green Party position on Iraq war, invites him to debate

SACRAMENTO -- Green Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo today offered his congratulations to Democratic candidate Phil Angelides for "finally making a statement in favor of peace" by stating publicly he would work to bring the California National Guard home from Iraq.

Camejo, who noted Angelides' public comments conflict with his Democratic Party's policy of supporting the war by voting for all war budget requests, said Angelides is now closer to the Green Party position of immediate and complete withdrawal of from Iraq.

Camejo then invited Angelides' to a "debate" to discuss the issue.

"I urge Phil to join with me in a public debate on the war to clarify the policies that would best defend the people of the United States, and discuss our differing visions of the war and it effects on California and all its residents," said Camejo.

"While it is not completely clear where exactly Phil stands, the comments reported indicate a move towards the Green Party position of calling for immediate withdrawal from the illegal, criminal, and murderous occupation of a sovereign nation against the will of its people in violation of all international law and the UN charter," said Camejo.

My main social agenda is a basic humane rights agenda that is a central agenda to all global social issues here in the USA and the Third World.

Instead of the liberal-radical wing attacking each other and splitting ideological hairs we should come together and unite on the basis of our common survival interests: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and basic education, pending liberation.

Our personal perspectives will vary in relation to our time, space and social being inside the United States. Each of us should comprehend the connected reality , come to our own independent conclusions and keep an open mind.

We should strive to work with the progressive vanguard elements in our areas yet not be afraid to stray away from 'the old Party line'. Nowadays, the real truth is that there is no strong vanguard party or advanced structured political vehicle inside the ever-changing
kaleidoscope of the United States. Sadly, much of the so-called revolutionary leadership is either slitting each other's throats, plotting against each other or gossiping behind people's backs.

On the local level, if there is no strong leading group, start one! We need no official permission from anyone in our on-going quest for social liberation!
Seize the time!

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