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Matthew 10:34 ~ King James Version
”Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”
To me, as a Chicano-de-Aztlan, the most significant events of 2006 revolved around the huge immigrant rights marches that happened all around May 1st 2006 and were witnessed by millions of people worldwide. Even the Creator took humble notice!

At the time, the Bush Rogue Regime was fanning the fascist flames of combating global terrorism, waging an unjust war of occupation in Iraq and instilling vile xenophobia (fear of foreigners) in average White middle-class Americans.

Back then, the most repressive immigration bill in U.S. history was being proposed called the Sensenbrenner Bill whose chief sponsor was Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.). It threatened to turn 12 million people into criminal federal felons and was the single spark that lit a prairie fire for the immigrant rights marches as it would have turned into criminals all of the 12 million+ undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., along with anyone who aided and abetted them. Mass conspiracy was and is inevitable.

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In response, many undocumented Mexican immigrants, their families and supporters took the risk of marching in the streets to express their humane rights as humane beings. The whole political-social landscape in relation to immigrants inside the United States was transformed and it is still going through a deepening process of social changes.

These early immigrant rights marches were an extension and intensification of the earlier Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr. yet should also be seen in the larger context of the on-going global struggles for humane rights in general all around the world. It was beyond only daily-violated Civil Rights, but all about the sublime respect for humane rights that are ordained to us by Creator God, not by any mere mortal government. We are born with these humane rights as our birthright irrespective of their recognition by any man-made government!

So far, Black-Americans have failed to come out in their splendid strength and many numbers in support of immigrant rights for Latinos, as they are aware of their own precarious position in a land still dominated by White racism and are deprived of a strong vanguard party to give us all guidance, direction and leadership. Fear, ignorance and insanity reign in the land I spell Amerika!

Inside the U.S.A., Blacks and Browns once united together based upon common principles can dramatically transform not only the United States but the whole world, especially in organized unity with other Third World peoples, progressive White-Americans and educated Europeans.

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by Lee Siu Hin - ( info [at] )

Around these times, in a real way the whole world was transformed and millions were amazed when they witnessed the mass mobilization of millions of Latinos and pro-immigrant rights activists. Millions came out of the shadows of history and shined their great beauty before the world for all to see. Where did all these people come from? Have they always been in our midst? Indeed, we are natives and indigenous to these lands of fears and tears. We have always been here and will always be here so long as there is Mother Earth.

Despite all the mass mobilization of millions and the widespread corporate media publicity and independent media coverage, there has still been no humane and comprehensive immigrant legislation decided upon and passed by the U.S. Congress. Never has there been real dialogue inside the U.S. Congress, between the U.S. and Mexican Governments with valid input by intelligent immigrant rights activists and other humane experts available who are in key positions to know the real complexities and challenges of the whole immigration debate.

The whole immigration debate continues in circles and should be ended with the logical and rational conclusion that there should be General Amnesty for all undocumented people ~ the so-called ‘illegal aliens’ ~ who are already here now inside the United States and a new Peace Treaty should be signed between the U.S. and Mexican Governments.

To complicate matters, even the Mexican government has been hi-jacked by the legalized but intrinsically illegal coup-d-etat by Felipe Calderon of the ruling National Action Party (PAN) who was sworn in under duress and could not even deliver his acceptance speech in the usual way.

Recall: López Obrador had declared himself "the legitimate president" of Mexico, set up a shadow government and has promised to call mass protests any time Calderón and his clan makes decisions on policies and matters that the progressive Democratic Revolutionary Party condemns. Plus, now there is the revolutionary movement in Oaxaca brewing!
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Now there is a long proposed 700-mile long wall being built on the U.S.-Mexico border that threatens to bring about more human tragedies and international turmoil between the U.S. and Mexican governments and peoples. The artificial man-made U.S.-Mexico border has never been respected by the native peoples of Aztlan and has always been seen as unnatural and illogical. There are central contradictions involving historical U.S.-Mexico relations and international law that need to be taken into full consideration by the United Nations or another global entity. Who will take the lead?
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Thursday, June 15, 2000
U.S.-Mexican Border: Can Good Fences Make Bad Neighbors? by John Barry

February 21, 2006
U.S.-Mexico Border Woes / Author: Esther Pan

Now the U.S. Congress is officially under Democratic Party control but both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party should be seen as one two-headed monster under the control of corporate capitalism. Only when the masses are involved in the entire election process can patriotic Americans of all persuasions claim a true participatory democracy of the people, for the people and by the people.

Each of us is a unique human individual and our direct experiences are unique to us and belong to us only on an existential level. Shared collective experiences in union with other peoples gives a greater grandeur to our own personal experiences.

We should consider key current events in their historical context to better understand and explain them to our people as humane beings as our perception of what we are changes our conception of who we are. All human beings should further evolve up to having true care, concern and compassion for all living beings as humane beings, not mere two-legged carnivorous animals.

It is a truism that in the colonized slave situation repression motivates resistance, but the people’s resistance needs to be absorbed, encouraged and coordinated by the people’s vanguard elements or it will wither away until the next round of state repression sparks further resistance. Blood begets blood!

In general, there is an urgent need for the people’s liberation movement and its leaders to settle any petty differences, come together on the basis of a common humane rights agenda and continue to wage a valid people’s war ~ a People’s Jihad ~ for real democracy, social justice and total liberation from all forms of political oppression, economic exploitation and military repression.

The 3,000th U.S. soldier has been killed in Iraq-nam at last count but the people of Iraq have already lost thousands of lives in an unjust war by an unpopular president!

We are suffering under overt and covert attacks by a mature brand of authoritarian fascism here now inside the United States that takes the form of Empire-building imperialism in foreign lands. A surge of a Latin-nam War is being cultivated in Latin America and is as predictable as nightfall!
All of us need to have a global overview of the big picture and not get lost down blind alleys or split ideological hairs, as over 30,000 children die daily from issues related to starvation

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We should always keep in mind the people’s basics needs, pending socialist revolution. The basics of survival always remain the basics: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education. We must keep learning all we can, never tire of doing good and continue to mobilize the people around their basic needs wherever we are and help raise consciousness to a humane level of comprehension so that the people can make the moves mandatory for their eventual liberation from corporate greed and modern-day slavery.

Our greatest sword is the sword of truth!
Come Together and Create!
+Peta-de-Aztlan+, HELP Field Coordinator
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
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    Sunday, December 31, 2006

    December Movement Diary


    Friday, December 08, 2006 @2 PM
    Got a Call from Alta Regional and Brother Steven is doing well. She will contact the Administrator at his home named Carlos Traveras {?} who will contact me.

    Main Entry: pre·cept
    Pronunciation: 'prE-"sept
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin praeceptum, from neuter of praeceptus, past participle of praecipere to take beforehand, instruct, from prae- + capere to take -- more at HEAVE
    1 : a command or principle intended especially as a general rule of action
    2 : an order issued by legally constituted authority to a subordinate official
    synonym see LAW

    Malcolm X: Its the Ballot of the Bullet!
    1 Peter 1:22
    Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:
    Relevant Link ~ Message to the Tricontinental:
    By Comandante Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
    First Published: Havana, April 16, 1967.
    "Now is the time of the furnaces, and only light should be seen." ~ Jose Marti
    Sunday Late Morning ~ Indeed, we already have great lessons from our past struggles that we should remember to help us guide our present struggles.

    I am into progressive recovery, help homeless people who are our domestic refugees and stay aware of character defects and shortcomings on a daily basis. Envy is more than a mere shortcoming. It is a real character defect that has plagued mankind for centuries.

    Check out!

    Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984
    National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 82
    Edited by Joyce Battle / February 25, 2003

    Rumsfeld Shaking Hands with Saddam =

    Network Cafe
    3333 3rd Avenue
    Sacra, CA

    Thursday, December 21, 2006

    In all our spiritual growth let us not forget the roots and reasons as to why we embarked on this spiritual journey, that is, the recognition that we were not fully-grown, fully mature and fully developed in our ways and saw the urgent need for change and self-improvement. To grow is to change and requires us to be open to new positive changes in our own inner character to help us better determine who we are on the inside. +Peta-de-Aztlan+

    December 31, 2006 @11:47 PM

    We had a great CASA Meeting this evening and I do get great spiritual rewards from conducting them and helping others to come out of their shells. Later, I have my usual long intertwined conversation with Hermana Juanita.

    It has been a long year and a long day for this year, but I have made some concrete practical progress in my personal life, though, there is always so much more to be, to do and to share with others.

    Sometimes writing stuff helps me come up with new ideas and new ideals that I myself have not really thought about before, thus, it seems as if there are greater outside influences that inspired my humane consciousness.

    Nada mas ahora....maybe next year! ;->

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    Read Raza: [Aztlannet_Action] Escalation. "Surge" is another lie.

    12-31-06 @1:01 PM
    From: "michael sedano"
    Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 19:50:59 -0800 (PST)
    Subject: Re: [Aztlannet_Action] Escalation. "Surge" is another lie.
    Gracias for sharing Hermano Miguel ~ It is good to be alive, even on the darkest nights.
    I DO NOT SUPPORT U.S. TROOPS nor do I support any executioners in the name of a perverted patriotism.
    The Vietnam War is over and need I remind you that the U.S.A. LOST and it will also lose in Iraq. We should oppose all unjust wars and not condone the participation of our Raza in unjust wars in the name of local unemployment.
    Before long the U.S. military machine will get up towards aggravating a Latin-nam that has already been building up for decades. Let it not surprise us who are suppose to be in the know about such inevitable historical junctures.
    I understand the sentiment behind supporting our troops, but they are not my troops. I sent no one anywhere over the pond to kill anyone for me. Many people have been killed and their killings allowed without condemnation by good patriotic citizens in the name of patriotic sentiment.
    No Iraqi has ever attacked me or my family!
    Someone who joins an army for money is a mercenary with a gun, a hired killer. Your being a Vietnam Vet should make you see that.

    Those over there in Iraq from the U.S.A. joined, they were not drafted. We cannot claim ignorance now, especially after the Vietnam War fiasco.
    I have an Honorable Discharge from the USAF but joined after the Vietnam War that I later burned. I was not allowed into the Air Force 'for the convenience of the government'. Probably for the best as at the time I would of gone in and snuck in on a pilot's blind side and slit his throat and engaged in other straight up subversive action.
    Have we learned nothing from all the body bags?
    We who are here still amongst the living should focus on our own local areas, build up community empowerment machines and help with the basics like teaching our gente how to read and write, do basic math and other social and occupational skills to help them in their real lives.
    How can we oppose a war, yet, support the foot soldiers who wage it in the name of patriotism? True patriotism does not allow our sons and daughters to go out and get killed for the monopoly-capitalist monarchy!
    Libertad O Muerte!
    michael sedano <> wrote:
    this military families thing may be too complex for my increasingly feeble mind. the families should protest, every single family. their kids are in harm's way for totally illegitimate reasons. maybe not in afghanistan, but iraq is a fool's errand.

    i support the troops 100%. i want them strong, and i want them home. i accept, indeed, endorse, the need for an armed u.s. force. i also believe in personal accountability and commitment. when i did my time i was the best
    goddamned cannon fodder i could be, within the limits of my status as an unwilling conscript.

    the volunteer army is so totally different than when i was a soldier. i felt i had a right to protest even while in uniform, and to follow orders as subversively as i possibly could. but a person who volunteers agrees to allow this bloodthirsty exploitation, they signed up for the unknown and now actuality is beyond anyone's wildest nightmares. so eat that shit, soldier, salute and say "yes, sir". pick up your weapon and march toward the smoke. it's what you signed up for.

    let's trust to luck, i suppose, that the democratic leadership will take a radical stance and investigate, disclose the lies, and indict the war criminals and profiteers. let's trust to alternative career choices so kids don't see the military as a better choice than staying home at the mercy of the post-industrial economy.


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