Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Che Eric>Response: It's been real folks!

After Midnight ~ Hola Che Eric! ~
Gracias for your many contributions to our collective research on some serious subjects. I imagine it has often been a lonely perilous plight for you.

We go back a few years of knowing of each other online... I have been a homeless alley cat in the streets... taking a pause to go into a library or drop by a friend's to post, then, moving on back into the shadows.... I recall your poppin' up and down posting... like a wily coyote!
Stuff I was saying in the early 70's now does not seen so far-fetched. Then, I have been four-pointed on psyche gurneys. Who killed Ruby? I once had his ol' shrink.
The whole U.S.A. is becoming a walled in country... one huge prison with different levels of security from the general pop in the streets to hidden midwest prisons; bugged insects; two-way screens; shape shifters and black ops. A real fun place to be!
I have no foolsih fear of self exposure and I find cowards so disgusting, especially when they hide it with backward gossip and sick slander.
Faint hearts never win decisive battles. Be of a brave heart!

For me, life is not worth living if I cannot live it with as much spiritual liberty as my humane consciousness achieves. I refuse to exist in paranoia while our class enemies thrive in luxury and their tough thugs roam the planet free to rape, plunder and pillage like mean perverted pirates.

My search is for greater and greater truth as I peel the onion with patient perseverance layer by layer.
I see with clarity now more than ever that the repressed authoritarian personality is a big part of 'the problem' in class society, not just fascist economic rearrangements.
Establihsing sane, healthy and wholesome relationships with others is a key element of a good life in a sane humane society. Some twisted creeps will just have to die off caught by theirown karmic ghosts.
Many sick souls of these times are lost, without any sense of ethics and selfishly degenerate without any concern for future generations unborn or any compassion for the sufferings of the wretched of the earth.
Fortunately, none of us are indispensable and I believe that in the main the research work has been done in terms of my main area of personal study: Amerikan Fascism. Faith without work is dead and not true faith. Faith works!!!
My Favorite Website on Amerikan Fascism is:
The Nazi Hydra in America: By Glen Yeadon,
“Hierarchy has had six thousands years of trial. It will never succeed for long in any form. Fascism and its historical significance is the point of my whole philosophy on politics and its extension, war. My opinion is that we are at the historical climax (the flash point) of the totalitarian period. The analysis in depth that the subject deserves has yet to be done”... ~ El General
Blood to the Horse's Brow and Woe to those Cannot Swim!
Raise Hell and Let the Heavens Fall!

citizensmileycoyote <> wrote:

It's been real folks!

Blogger Note: I am no longer referencing Google search links in my work and you will see why if you check the Google information that I have linked to. I DID reference some YahooGroup links as the only places that some things are archived at all. I had no choice. Time, as you will read, is a factor. My net presence is on its way to elimination.

In Bed with the Enemy
by Eric Stewart

Is it just a coincidence that many of
the same players that are implicated in the atrocities of 9/11 and everything from the Bay of Pigs to Operation Northwoods to LBJ to the Miami 5 to JFK's assassination to the Venezuelan Coup to Jeb Bush and the election fraud to Florida Flight Schools to to Watergate to Iran-Contra to BCCI all have a concentration of Florida connections? Can you say WACKENHUT? Given Havana's reputation globally seventy five and fifty years ago, wouldn't you say there are some powerful people that probably want Cuba back? Would they be, say, socialists or do you think we are dealing with capitalists. Two things are for sure regarding this and one is that CUBA is not a capitalistic entity. The other is that the anti-Castro gang is the very circle of elites (those with the greatest number of personnel stationed around the world to assassinate, wreak havoc, and blow shit up) that we begin to discern when we follow the Florida connection to the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Let's not forget the fact that documents that had been subpoenaed implicating both Dick Cheney and Sir Alan Greenspan that were being kept "safe" there or that the World Trade Center changed ownership one month before that day. Dare I remind all that John O'Neil was the United States assigned and premier expert on Osama bin Laden, the man assigned by the federal government to track him, was stripped of his FBI post and re-assigned to head security at the WTC ONE MONTH prior?!?

The National Reconaissance Office sent up a satellite on September 8, 2001 and three days later it operated nicely while helping to facilitate the "wargames" that the military was engaged in on 9/11 and all the while we get reports from the U.K.'s online Space News Feed from their weekly edition on the 16th that satellite communications were down all over the planet. I guess the NRO's new baby was somehow immune, OR IT HELPED TO CAUSE IT!

"The devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, New York and the Pentagon have shocked and horrified us all. The attacks also caused disruption for satellite and space companies across the USA.",

Trivia question: WHO was it that was conducting the war games and where was it happening? Did you say USSPACECOM, otherwise known as NORAD? So close!

Who said USSTRATCOM?!? That's right it happened out of Offut Air Force Base! NORAD wasn't involved except for the complicit silence of a few senior officers. It was stood DOWN, remember?

Trivia question: WHO was at Offut AFB that base with a small handful of CEO's from the World Trade Center? That's right! It was Warren Buffet.

WHO did Mitre Corporation (specializing in real time battle command and unmanned aerial vehicles - remote piloting) used to brag having as an investor? Warren Buffet.

WHO was known to be in tight with with a Massachusettes firm called Ptech? Mitre Corporation, that's who. Mitre Corp., as a matter of fact, is the spawn of Lincoln Laboratories at MIT, in Massachusettes.

A charity owned by the CIA-employed actor we call Osama, had as a client, Ptech.

And these ARE actors. They work together getting away with crap right in front of us because modern day spooks don't so much hide behind bushes as they hind behind taboos, playing out a drama scripted at the Council on Foreign Relations designed to shaft us and pit us against each other at the same time and by EACH OTHER I mean HUMANS (reinforcement of the existence of racial tension with disinformation designed to keep people apart).

They've Done it to Me Again
by Eric Stewart

I really thought I had it covered. After years of difficulties of all types, I thought I pretty much knew just how the man might come after me. 'The man' could deposit malicious bugs of various sorts to disrupt me. He could have webmail accounts destroyed as well as mailing lists. He could implement a denial-of-service of sorts or hijack or otherwise disrupt a web page. He could have simply offed me or busted in with some trumped up charges that my dissidence made me an enemy combatant. He could have even embarked on an online smear campaign.

In short, the national security cabal reached into my computer and deliberately deleted only my most important files. The details of this matter I will not be able to divulge for reasons I will also not be able to divulge, in the interest of PERSONAL security.

I had spent much of the past month tracing my way back through the world wide web to find that a majority of the information that I had used, a few years ago, to trace a comprehensive story of treason and conspiracy involving
Warren Buffet, Mitre Corporation, Ptech, and Booz, Allen, and Hamilton (later I will cite references although they will be decidedly less in number than if I still had my files) was still to be found. I had looked before but this time I put a whole lot more time into it.

Q: the conspiracy?

A: September 11, 2001

It is not so much that I would have to spend another month re-acquiring this data that drives me to pass on the baton (someone grab it PLEASE) but the very fact that with an undetectable national security trojan at work, apparently, allowing a human being to simply sit and peruse my files and decide which ones live and die, then I have to evaluate a few other things, not the least of which is my personal security.

I cannot stress enough that a wide variety of activism oriented files including numerous relating to 9/11 remain but only the ones pertaining to the deepest culprits are gone. It took a hacker or a spook, if indeed there is any difference any more and probably WAS a spook hacker because of the fact that the person doing the deciding on what lived or died in my research obviously knows a whole hell of a lot more than ninety-percent of 9/11 investigators know. They know about James Woolsey and the NRO.

I have been accused recently of spending less time trying to interfere with the fascist transnational state than I do explaining why I am worthy of the attention of it. I would like to, at this time, address this matter:

In attempting to bring certain realities to the conscious forefront of people's minds, I discovered years ago that there was SOMETHING about my approach and/or the particular information I was putting forth that was ruffling big feathers. I have been told countless times how other people just don't experience things like this, usually as an argument that I, therefore, am suffering from some delusional phenomenon.

To make what is going to be a bit of a story not quite so long, I have had to show, repeatedly and for a long time, just how undeniable the ops directed at me are in order to validate the INFORMATION that I deal with. If you are among those that think I just can't get enough of myself then know that such explanations are not directed at you; they are, in fact, present so that those who do doubt but have an open mind may make up their own minds with an unembellished narrative of the events as they occurred. My posts on this particular matter are a result of a habit developed in the face of years of these arguments. That said, I will move on.

I have been chased offline before. There is much archived online that validates this, in case you think that it is I that is an op or if you think I am merely making it up. This will be my last blog entry. I have not given up on us or on hope. I have done my job, again. This time, I was not able to spend quite so much time doing so but what little time that I did, I think I made a difference. I have given up on having a presence of my own online but it is your turn. If enough of you pick up this ball and run, well, they can't do what they have done to me to a thousand people at a time that have all gone from a low level threat to the national security state, suddenly, to a high level one (wrapping your brain, depending on the individual, around that one may require a temporary suspension of ego).

Should you accept this mission, know that if you spend a month doing what I just did for a month that you, too, may be able to motivate another thousand people. Some of you may become targetted but if a hundred of those thousand are, it will already be too late. The thousand each of the first thousand reached will have become a million. You can help us all reach that critical mass.

Also, the following information bears mentioning:

The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which would later become the DEFENSE Advanced Research Projects Agency, developed the internet. It was a DOD project before it was a public forum, which would later be turned over to the private sector for "management." Much of today's intelligence has been outsourced to private outfits and one of the reasons is that the strict standards that have traditionally been applied to government activities are laws that affect only that: the government. Most of these laws are worded that they don't apply to private entities.

This means that this tool that you use to shop, to surf, and to talk with your friends was born and raised in the cold war community.

Some of the following links rest on other links that no longer exist (especially at the Angelfire sites - they link to and Indymedia, neither of which carries this information any more). This is where you come in. Simply plug in the terms that you see at these sites and you will find that the truth is still out there.


Watching What You Say

Hacktivismo Releases Torpark


Information Warfare on the Internet

Digital Freedom Network

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Evolution of Spy Tools

Google developing eavesdropping software

The National Security's capabilities EIGHT YEARS AGO were probably a lot higher than we thought, as always

Operation Shamrock


Google Bad

On the NSA

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Condoleezza Rice evades charges over 9/11

Booz, Allen, and Hamilton

Operation Two Towers

Falls Church, VA and 9/11

Damning Evidence of Warren Buffet Role in 9/11

Al Qaeda are the U.S. Gov't's Greatest Ally

The Warren Buffet - Mitre Corp. - Chemtrail - 9/11 Connection

The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11

Bush and bin Laden's Shared Political Goals Are Enough To Freak Out Anybody

Does al-Qaeda exist?

Al Qaeda does not exist and never has

Israel 'faked al-Qaeda presence'

State Department, media launch assault on 9/11 dissent

Indymedia Finally Picks Up the 9/11 Cause

Refuting the lie, a response to Popular Mechanics: debunking 9/11 myths

At Least Four of Nineteen Alleged 9/11 Hijackers are Alive

Killtown on Buffet and the Offut AFB Story

Hughes Electronic Corp.

Another Largely Unexplored Vein of 9/11 Research

911 Truth Petition

More on Booz, Allen, and Hamilton (James Woolsey {ex-?-CIA}, by the way sat on the board of Mitre Corporation and currently works for Booz-Allen.)

If you really want to make a difference in the 9/11 Truth Movement see to it that the perpetrators get theirs. See to it that this information (
CLICK HERE OR HERE)gets backed up. File: Save As...



Jan. 25, 2003 - The Day of the Most Serious Death Threat I Received

A Vast Array of Online Problems - Total Information Oppression

On Mike Ruppert

Legislation To Reopen Hearings Into Cointelpro

U.S. Domestic Covert Ops


IAEA: U.S. Report on Iran 'Dishonest'

"We Are Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now."

Unpacking the Israeli Lobby's Arguments

Govt Will Appeal FOIA Ruling on NRO Budget Docs

Bush Claims Right to Lie to American People

Vicious Attacks on Anti-Bush Demonstrators in Portland

Is the October Surprise a Major Escalation in the War for U.S. Global Dominance?

Forest Service Spends Record $1.5 Billion Fighting Wildfires

No Kidding: FDA Approves Adding Virus to Foods

Woodward: Over 800 attacks every week in Iraq

Radar Matrix

Shock & Awe Revisited

Bush Shields Dad on Chile Terrorism

A thinker's guide to conspiracy theories

Urgent Letter from Dennis Kucinich about Bush Administration Plans for a US War vs. Iran

Who the hell is this 'Agent Smiley' guy any way?

Chemtrail Schemes

Wildfire Arsonists Help Logging Industry - Deliberate?

Chemtrails Cause Droughts


Weather Modification

Radar Matrix

Secrecy News


Electrolysis & Barium

Owning the Weather

Centre for Research on Globalization

Behind the Bushes

Save the Internet


Information that Informs

Selected Writings of John Judge

The Grand Chessboard

Keeping the border safe for defense-contractor profits

Third World Traveller

Off the Grid

Leo Strauss and the Grand Inquisitor

Progressive Review

Battle for Your Mind

Refuse & Resist

Reclaim your Mind

So your listserv has a troll (or five)...

Bush's Tries to Pardon Self

Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial

Fun with Microsoft's Terra Server

Even in Winter, Arctic Ice Melting

Junk Culture Killing Childhood

Scientists Find New Global Warming 'Time Bomb'

Psychological Operations


Obedience and Disobedience

Bureaucracy in Action


War on Hippies

Creativity and What Blocks It

Deride and Conquer


Tao te Ching

My Old Blog


to the streets

June 1, 1997

Logging causes wild fires

On that HUGE Oregon fire from a couple of years ago

More on arsonists that seem to love timber sales

Why did the Forest Service interfere with efforts to put out that huge AZ fire (the fire that was set by a gov't [BIA] contracted worker)?

ANOTHER "wild" fire that was started by a gov't contracted worker (USFS - Dept. of Agriculture)

Article from a couple of years ago: Officials suspect arson in numerous Western wildfires

Fighting Forests With Fire: A Soldier's Story

Western Fire Ecology Center

Forest Service Spends Record $1.5 Billion Fighting Wildfires

No More Ancient Forest Logging, Anywhere, Anytime

Newest Alternative Energy - Portugal's Wave Power Plant

Get Ready for Freak Weather, World's Polluters Told

Seattle in 1999

Letter to a Spook

Global Crossing

Richard Perle


SI International


Micromanaging Shock & Awe to create "Deep Psychological Injury"

Gitmo Prisoners are Enemy Combatants because Northern Alliance Said So

POLICE ATTACK PEACEFUL PROTESTERS - VIDEO [PORTLAND, OR]: Click here to watch video of calm bystanders being pepper sprayed. When deep down you know what you are doing is wrong but you have made a committment to doing it anyway, there is a tendency to want to make witnesses go away. Check it out.


In the immortal words of the Cult of the Dead Cow: "Save Yourself. Go outside. Do something!"

Big Medicine__._,_.___
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Re: Pedro> Elections Come and Go.....

Note: Date Corrected here

Martes = 10-10-2006 @11:24 AM
Gracias Otra Vez Companero Pedro!
Indeed, elections come and go. We need to look at the building up of local group collectives to do the basic community organizing that needs to be done by creating communes that can help the people with day-to-day survival needs. A key element always needs to be community education, along with voter registration for upcoming elections on a constant on-going basis.

There has been a lull in the momentum around immigrant rights movement and that for me is to be expected.

Links to Immigrant-Rights-Agenda Reports=
06-24-2006 to 9-04-2006

Related Yahoo Group=

A lot of the basic community organizing has never been well done on the local levels and if it was it was not sustained and developed over the years. If it would have been we would already be working in cohesion with other groups on a national and ultimately international level on a wide range of social issues in a way that cuts across racial lines and crosses borders worldwide which still needs to be done. It’s all a protracted process.

I support Phil Angelides for Governor and will vote for him on November 7th, 2006, However, I want to find out what the Democratic Party will do to help us poor people build up local power bases of operation for our own empowerment in order to build the necessary community infrastructure for mass mobilization with an eye for the Presidential Elections in 2008.

Of course, one’s perspectives will differ depending on one’s geographical location and personal experiences. In many ways, the Los Angeles area seems more organized with a myriad of clubs, groups and organizations of Latinos, but I remember hearing that Cesar Chavez once called it 'the graveyard of organizers'.

I suspect a lot of our potential and manifest leadership is actually locked up in the California penal system and that is a sorely neglected area we need to get more involved with for further liberating action!

Regrettably, most of the local liberal-radical left-wing individuals who should be working allies do not work together as we should on a common humane rights agenda. Everyone has to wave their own flag, promote their own website, have their own agendas and have their own set priorities. Meanwhile, the people remain in the dark ages….. endlessly marking time.

I do meet some positive people in the local progressive democracy movement in Sacramento and will continue working them. We need to unite with all progressive elements of the Democratic Party and third parties keeping in mind our common survival interests.

Many partisans confuse temporary tactics with long-range strategic empowerment modules.

Myself, I am ‘in the process’ of building up a local vanguard education party called the Humane Liberation Party with some local ‘camaradas’ but it is slow agonizing lonely work. I mainly relate to and spend time with lumpen-proletarian street people who are not afraid to offer real resistance to Amerikan Fascism. Plus, I have other community-oriented interests working with homeless domestic refugees and recovering drug addicts! My kind of people!

I am working part-time as a health care worker and last I checked there were no openings for full-time community mobilizers for advancing the collective cause of social liberation that pays enough as a career goal!

At 54-Earth years I have witnessed a lot of the ebb-and-flow of social movements. Sometimes coming closer to our calculations, other times receding further away and always threatening to drown in an ocean of contradictions.

Hell, I could write a movie script, Journeys to Aztlan! I would have my own cast of characters replete with brujos and brujas!

Liberation Now!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta de Aztlan

Re: [latinosineducation] Response: Phil Wins Debate
Pedro Olivares <> wrote:
Phil needs to spend many hours and days in San Diego,
Ca. to motivate the voters. The media is not too much
towards Phil and we Arnold all the time.

In San Diego, Ca. Phil can visit the schools, the teachers working in the schools, the Latino&Latina Coalition, the police and fire departments. Phil needs to make his way to the Mexican Border towns and rally support for him. San Isidro, Calexico, Indio, Chula Vista, Santa Maria, Salinas, Fresno and all heavy populated towns and cities.

The media down in San Diego gives Arnold more coverage and the clips are longer for Arnold then for Phil.

Phil looks very negative. A turn around now needs to surface.

I often campaign for Congressman Bob Filner and have been on the campaign passing fliers when Leon Panetta ran for congress in the late 70's.

Again Phil needs to spend time in San Diego, Ca.

--- "Peter S. Lopez de Aztlan" <>

Sunday Night 10-08-2006 @11:33 PM
Gracias Companero Pedro O. ~ I was there at Sac State and saw the Gubernatorial Debate via a big televised screen along with many other Angelides supporters. There was a lot of good positive energy. Tonight I found the Internet link to hear and view it without juvenile distraction.

Video Link= Watch the 2006 Gubernatorial Debate

The intelligence of Phil Angelides won the debate for him and Governator Arnold was way out of his brain-weight division. It was no real contest.

Article Link=

October 8, 2006> Governor's Election Race= A Preliminary Analysis: Both Schwarzenegger and Angelides Reflected Their Party's Perspectives in Last Night's Debate By Frank D. Russo

I’m glad Angelides criticized Arnold S.S. for his support of the neo-Minutemen fascist vigilante group. The New Berlin Wall will cause a lot of headaches and heartaches for many on both sides of the fence.

Article=It All Comes Down to a Fence

The General Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 for California’s registered voters to decide who will win or not.

Naturally, I will VOTE FOR ANGELIDES for California's next Governor as the best winnable candidate. In fact, I am an absentee voter!

I have great respect for Companero Peter Camejo, he should have been in on the whole debate yet sometimes the winning is in the running. He told me that day that this would be his last run for political office. He will be 67 years old on New Year’s Eve!

As typical, some of our liberal-radical ‘left-wing’ comrades are still lost in the political lurch about whether to Support Phil Angelides or not for Governor. Faint foolish hearts cannot win decisive contests in the thick of battles.

Schwarzenegger may win without the support of the undecided, the many poor ‘have-nots’ and third party independents. There is no strong progressive party though some vanguard elements are rising up! I have an undying faith in the common sense and intelligence of the people.

As Latinos, we need to do basic community education and basic voter registration work in our local communities now and after the elections. The basics remain the basics in terms of our basic survival needs.

We need to utilize Internet Power to discuss and debate critical social issues. Plus, share what we learn with our people who are not online and without Internet Access.

As time goes by, I hope Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group will grow, develop and prosper for the good of all of us. Keep coming back!
Liberation Now!!!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
Join Up!
Post message:


Pedro Olivares <> wrote:

I saw the debate too. Phil had better answers and was not show boating his way through the questions. Phil won the debate by 80% on my book. Arnold had to defend his record which is bad to Californians.

I live in East county of San Diego, Ca. I have talked to the Right Winger at length due to the Big Fence. They do not want to be lelated as the Berlin Wall. Right Wingers down here see that their Presidents and the Republican Party has ruined their hopes and have been hit hard by high gas prices all through the Republican Control Congress.

East County of San Diego is like Escondido, Ca. where laws are passed to denies Undocumented residents housing and report them to the authority. The Right Wing individual need to be replaced. We all need to go out and VOTE and I recommend the Immigrants that March
earlier this year to go out and send a strong message.

In over all, I'll be voting soon for Phil and Democratic issues. For the Green Peace, I'm sorry you were not included in the debate.

Actor/Screenwriter and a member of the Ricardo
Montalban Theater and the National Association of
Latino Independent Producers

Pedro Olivares

--- "Peter S. Lopez DE Aztlan"

10-08-2006 1AM
Gracias Cathy ~ I was there, saw the people, felt the energy, took a few pixs and helped out a little in my own way.

It was a great day and the weather was great, but the debate was not even a real serious debate.

Brother Phil was a great debater, sticking to key talking points, but Arnold S. was no match in terms of Phil's intellect, grasp of the issues or native intelligence.

The well-known asinine arrogance of Arnold S. regurgitated itself and the 'Governator' could not even marshal the basic fundamentals to give real answers to the questions posed.

I thought Channel 13 was slanted against Phil and failed to be objective in its 10 PM news report earlier.

I also met and talked to Companero Peter Camejo running for Governor from the Green Party before the debate and think he should of been included in the debate to add brains, talking-points and fresh
perspectives to the whole debate process. We all lost out because of the lack of inclusion of Camejo in the whole debate. He could of brought out key analyses without worrying about financial backers. Realities are realities in connected reality.

Nevertheless, I support Brother Phil Angelides for Governor and know this will be a busy productive month for all of us.

I will try to find a verbatim of the debate and/or video on the Internet and post it up.

Peter S. Lopez ~ Peta de Aztlan~
Sacramento, California
Post message:

"Cathy Calfo, Angelides 2006"
<> wrote:

== message truncated ===