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Parable of the House on Fire ~ By Peta-de-Aztlan

Once upon a time, in the land of Aztlan in a village called Sacra, there lived an energetic young Chicano named Beto who lived in a small house with his dog Pedro. His village duty was to keep an eye out for any fires in the village, as no reliable fire patrol was nearby in his barrio.

On his front porch, Beto kept big barrels of water and stacks of buckets to fight fires. Whenever he spotted smoke in the sky or smelled fire he would check it out and his dog Pedro would start barking crazy. If Beto spied a fire up the street or across the street he would issue a Sacra Village Fire Alert via Emails from his Internet-computer out to his Fire Alert Yahoo Group Members, who were usually super-glued to their Internet computers at home and were volunteer fire fighters. Then, his group, along with other local villagers, would rush up to his front porch, fill up their water buckets from the water barrels and they would unite to put the fire out!

One dry hot day, while he was in his living room on the Internet, his dog Pedro ran up to him barking crazy. He got up and went outside. There was a fire in a house right across the street from his ‘casa’. From his front porch he saw flames leaping up high into the sky. He rushed into his house, hopped on his computer and issued a Sacra Village Fire Alert.

His Group Members and others came out in the streets, rushed to his front porch, and they all grabbed water buckets from the water barrels and carted them across the street in a line to the house on fire again and again. Finally, after a few hours of fire fighting the fire was put out, but the house was destroyed!

The small family who lived in the house was not home at the time as they had been together at a Peace Demonstration downtown. So when they got home and saw their house had been burnt down they were sad, but they were able to stay with Beto’s Tia Concha for a spell.

After his crew had put out the fire across the street, some of them hanged around on Beto’s front porch, drank some café, smoked, talked about the fire and rested up. It had been a hard fire to put out and they had used up all their water from the barrels. They talked about the need to roll the barrels to the nearby Sacra River later on to fill them back up with water for the fire next time. So they figured they could wait until ‘manana’!

So Beto sat back on his front porch chair, smoking a Camel, then, Pedro started barking like crazy again and his big nose smelled paper burning in the air. He looked around, stepped halfway into the street and saw gray smoke curling up in the sky from his own backyard!

He ran around back with Pedro trailing right behind him. He saw a pile of old dry recycled newspapers was on fire by his back door. He got most of his news from the Internet so he just collected old newspapers for extra cash. He quickly took off his favorite jacket and smacked the burning pile to put out the fire. His jacket was ruined, but the fire was out and his house was safe.

Thus, Beto learned that though it is good to help his neighbors with any fires it was important to make sure he had extra barrels of water in his backyard to put out any fire in his own backyard in order to be better prepared for the fire next time!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Re: [Aztlannet_Action] Re: Angel's comments and Revolution

Noviembre 1, 2006 @1:15 AM ~
In a true spirit of unity, we all need to agree on the basics of survival for our people, work together on a common agenda, share the same general strategy and continue to develop a comprehensive set of tactics in harmony with the connected reality before us HERE NOW; with total liberation projected for the future in a socialist democratic society.
Revolution entails a total transformation in property relations and would be a quantum leap in human evolution, but revolution is era specific. Capitalism was revolutionary when it transformed feudalism, as socialism is revolutionary when it transforms capitalism. One economic system gives way for a further breakout and development in the material forces of production usually via violence aka: class war!
We should by now comprehend the totality of combat in relation to practical creative action. Total combat entails all lines, all angles, all trajectories. Whatever works works and each of us has unique qualities to offer the Movimiento, though, no one is indispensable.
Recall: politics is the continuation of war by other means and war is the continuation of politics by others means. Thus, politics and war are intrinsically interconnected and can often overlap.
Our historical enemies know we are coming and they know their days are numbered. Our historical enemies are like conscious dinosaurs fearing their eventual extinction. The sheer hungry of the people alone will demand the social transformation of class society via liberation by any means mandatory, including class war. Let us not kid ourselves companeros. It is as predictable as nightfall.
For sure, to paraphrase a wise old Chinaman, if there is to be liberation that must be a liberation party, at least, there must be a collection of structured vehicles led by vanguard elements that can offer our people true leadership, help raise consciousness and be open to learning from the genius of the people.
The USA is extremely complicated, contains the brain of the beast and we are already within its central nervous system.
By its very nature the sublime truth is revolutionary and real education is liberating, its frees us of our own inner fears, fallacies and falsehoods.
The key is to raise a kind of cosmic consciousness that helps us see the big picture, at least on a global level. We do what we can with what we have as we work on our own spiritual growth and maturity. Simplify the complex and strive not to complicate the simple.
We feed consciousness by feeding people and there are many kinds of foodstuffs. It is silly to pretend we can meet all the people's needs when the necessary resources are not in our hands. If we could feed all the people why on earth would we strive for revoluton {the poor often abused word used so much it loses its meaning}??
Only the people can make the revolution, not cadres alone. One must lead, follow or get the hell out of the way when the people are on the move and a movement must move forward!
We already have a great wealth of real experiences, direct and indirect, that can help us help the people and we are never alone in our struggles. The most we can be is dedicated servants who stick to our guns, hold onto our principles and always respect each other as comrades even if we disagree over tactical considerations.
It also helps if we have the same general definitions for certain terms and keywords. If we all could sit around the same mesa, break bread together, we would be able to communicate better with each other and learn from each other in all true humility as humbleness helps us advance
Threads often end up in a tangled mess, but at least we are communicating via Emails. WE should try communicating via a group chat or even a conference call.
Our perspectives will naturally differ with our own personal experiences and analyses of our experiences. We are ignorant of all that we do not know and we can help guide each other. Love for the people should be our guiding light.
Come Together and Create! ~Peta-de-Aztlan~

"Ernest M. Saenz" <> wrote:
I have seen the jungles of the sur, transverses mountains with
obscure militias. I have lived through bombings, bullets and have
the scars to prove it.

You do not know who I am, who I know, nor the life that I have
lived. To say one must be a member of some CIA infiltrated group to prove they are revolutionary is a crucial mistake.

I'll stop here before I too much is said.

--- In, mexicanoatucla@... wrote:
> You must not know who I am and what organization I am part of. We are not rookies and we have connections all over the world to rev. movements. Unless you are part of a revolutionary organization or party, your words are just that; words. Our people have done much more than the basic questions that you pose. Like you, I am a student of the movement. I hope you are putting theory into practice like we are. Take care. pe@ce
> -----Original Message-----
> From: zdproductions@...
> To:
> Sent: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 2:23 PM
> Subject: Re: [Aztlannet_Action] Angel's comments and Revolution
> I like seeing the seed we planted in the 60s start to grow and
enjoyed reading your dream of Aztlan.
> Answer these questions:
> 1) how would you feed 10,000 people 3 times a day for 1000 days?
> 2) how would you dispose of their waste on a continual basis?
> 3) where will you get water for these people?
> 4) how will you clothe them?
> 5) how will you give them shelter?
> When you can not only answer these questions, but implement the program, you will have taken your first baby step towards considering the concept of revolution. There are five more questions that need answering, but these are a good start.
> Keep learning and don't stop dreaming - I haven't!
> mexicanoatucla@... wrote:
> It IS completely impossible to be a revolutionary and support the USA. That would be a complete contradiction. For some Aztlan is a "concept" or a "state of mind" but not for all. Some of us want our land back...not mentally or, no, no....we want it back PHYSICALLY! The American revolution was NOT a revolution. It was a war between Indian and African killers but there was nothing revolutionary about it. All of it was fought on stolen land and at the expense of people of color.
> We need our OWN land back and we need our OWN government, one that will work to benefit ALL people, not just rich Whites. This government CANNOT and WILL NOT be a capitalist one. Therefore, it CANNOT and WILL NOT be the US of A Gov, regardless of whether its Republican or Democrat. Both represent the same thing. Both benefit the elite. Both benefit the capitalist state.
> Don't let the liberals brainwash you with thier Democratic Party or Green Party crap. Democrats were the ones that implemented Operation Gatekeeper and most Democrats just voted for the 700 mile Border Fence and for HR 4437. Nothing short of a totally new Revolutionary government will adress the needs of our people and poor people in general.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: madscottsman76@...
> To:
> Sent: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 1:57 PM
> Subject: [Aztlannet_Action] Angel's comments and Revolution
> Angel,
> It is entirely possible to be a revolutionary and still support the
United States of America.
> Aztlan is not anti-America (or, anti United States, if you will.)
> Aztlan does not attempt to supplant the US of A, or replace it with another authority. Reconquista is NOT a physical transformation of the authority of Washington, D.C., by a new authority. It is the Revoutionary spirit of the American Revolution that should never die in the hearts of all Americans.
Monitor: Ernest M Saenz:
List owner: Guillermo Bejarano:

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October Movement Diary= +Peta-de-Aztlan+

Comment: These are various notes I have made for October that have been edited and are mainly for my purposes and references. Some links one can simply copy with cursor and paste to browser to go there!

Racism: Global Issues

World Conference on Racism

American Psychological Association: Racism and Psychology Brochure

The History of Racism

Che Guevara Archive

Today in Iraq

From Link: Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Chapter One

Related Links:

Book: Other Immigrants: The Global Origins of the American People
David M. Reimers
Nativo López: What’s Next for the Immigrant Rights Movement?: 06-30-2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006
On the Role of Humane Beings in the Immigrant Rights Movement: 6-18-06
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
06/06/2006: On Chicanos and the Old Chicano Movement!
By Peta de Aztlan

Sunday, April 16, 2006
On the Spiritual Awakening of La Raza Cosmica:
Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006
Relevant Links=
Phil Angelides ~ Democrat for Governor
Peter Camejo ~ Green Party Candidate for Governor
Party for Socialism and Libertion
General Election Date = November 7th, 2006
Sacra County: Registering to Vote

There is much to be done in other areas online, offline and inline.

I am not a born-again Democrat and have valid criticisms of the Democratic Party. I still got a big resentment against Clinton not giving a Pardon to Brother Leonard Peltier, but he did to those big crooks.

After this next election I will just declare myself an independent. I am looking long-term and know we should focus a lot more than we have on voter education/registration efforts on the local community level and whatever party can help should help us. Along with martial arts, archery, hatha yoga, target practicing and other physical fitness programs!

For me, endorsing a specific candidate does not mean an automatic endorsement of all the horses in electoral races for public office from that candidate’s party. Let others figure it out for themselves.

It is simple: Angelides could conceivably win over Arnold S. though Peter Camejo is the best qualified progressive candidate. Let’s see what the Demo-Party will do after the elections.

I have met and remember Camejo decades ago when he was with the Young Socialist Alliance in the Bay Area so he can’t hide his leanings and he is honest.

By the way…………..

Big Donors Wrote $1.7 Billion in 'Major Check' Campaign Contributions Last Five Years
Wednesday September 20, 2006
Survey Cites Which Donors Spent the Most, Where Individual Counties Rank

Political Contributions to CA Politics By State:

On a Presidential level, there can be no true proportional democracy, better than representative democracy, under our present electoral system. The whole Electoral College system makes a true democracy really impossible when all states are dealt with on an equal basis no matter the overall population of a particular state. It should be abolished. But that’s another story.

You damn right it’s a dirty business with strange bedfellows, but I’m too old for the Boy Scouts and too loose for the Puritans. Politics is the continuation of war by other means. ~ ~Peta

News Links=

Latin American News Agency= Prensa Latina

Corresponsales de Prensa Latina

Angola: Roberto Salomón

Naciones Unidas: Hugo Rius

Argentina: Víctor Carriba

Nicaragua: Raul García

Bolivia: Manuel Robles Sosa

Paraguay: Vilma Servin

Brasil: Abel Sardiña

Perú: Raimundo López

Chile: Osvaldo Cardosa

Portugal: Roberto Molina

China: Alfredo G.Pierrat

Dominicana: Miguel Lozano

Colombia: Alejandro Gómez

Rusia: Mario Hubert Garrido

Ecuador: Julio Fumero

Uruguay: Osvaldo Burgos

España: Rafael Calcines

Venezuela: Javier Rodríguez

Guatemala: Ulises Canales

México: Aissa García

Vietnam: Félix Albisu


10/2/2006 @10:31:26 AM

Hola Anonymous and Todo ~ The clamor for a separate Chicano state is the same kind of cultural nationalism that de-fused the growing Chicano Movimiento of the 60’s and 70’s that got lost along the way. The recent resurgence of the immigrant rights movement has helped to revive it, but we must move forward, not backwards!

The connected reality is that we are in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic class society and the most diverse one in all of human history. What do you suppose we do with the non-Chicanos? Tell them to go back to Europe, Africa or Asia? Doesn’t that sound like the xenophobic White racists we condemn who tell us to go back to Mexico?!?!

Militarily, we cannot even help Sister Elvira in sanctuary in a Chicago Church when the fascist thugs go in to get her out! Even on a hypothetical level, a separate Chicano nation would be impossible to implement. We should seek full and complete integration in society and the world, not any form of separatism.

These questions should have been hammered out amongst us decades ago. I am 54-Earth years and remember the unfolding of many past events. Black-Americans went through the same cultural nationalist stage for their fight for Black Liberation in relation to the Black Panther Party. Remember what happened to Corky, to Tijerina, to the old Brown Berets, to the old La Raza Unida Party? We should humbly learn from history as a guide to action.

You warped what I said. I am for our continued efforts at self-determination but it should be seen in the larger social context of helping fight for the liberation of all of humankind.

A lot of the old Chicano cultural nationalism helped some Chicanos make a living off being Chicano and Chicanismo in the Amerikan system’s educational institutions, but the truth is we are still enslaved and exploited as a people, along with many other peoples.

WE need to work on our liberation in harmony with the liberation of humankind on a world-wide level, not attack each other as the fascist pigs smile. Think global, work global on a local level.

“In these circumstances one must have a large dose of humanity, a large dose of a sense of justice and truth in order to avoid dogmatic extremes, cold scholasticism, or an isolation from the masses. We must strive every day so that this love of living humanity is transformed into actual deeds, into acts that serve as examples, as a moving force… If one's revolutionary zeal is blunted when the most urgent tasks have been accomplished on a local scale and one forgets about proletarian internationalism, the revolution one leads will cease to be a driving force and sink into a comfortable drowsiness that imperialism, our irreconcilable enemy, will utilize to gain ground. Proletarian internationalism is a duty, but it is also a revolutionary necessity. This is the way we educate our people.”

By Che Guevara From Socialism and Man in Cuba ~ March 1965:

I got to go out, take care of business and do community work today. Election Day is November 7th! I have kept this response short, though I could write a book about the pitfalls of Chicano cultural nationalism, but there are more pressing problems at the border. Look at the big picture! ~Peta de Aztlan~

Companero Peter Camejo should definitely be a part of the whole debate as a worthy progressive candidate. He would offer fresh perspectives and unique viewpoints about the State of California. It is tragic that the duo-poly of the Democratic and Republican Parties dominates Amerikan Electoral Politics and third parties should be heard out, especially a prominent Green Party Candidate such as Companero Camejo..

I am foreseeing what needs to be done after the election in terms of on-going voter education and voter registration. I am first and foremost a humane being who believes in democratic socialism, but not your typical left-wing nut or Leninist. I related to dialectical materialism… recall:
London, August 5, 1890
[ ..….. while the material mode of existence is the primum agens [primary agent, prime cause] this does not preclude the ideological spheres from reacting upon it in their turn, though with a secondary effect, he cannot possibly have understood the subject he is writing about….. little Moritz is a dangerous friend. The materialist conception of history has a lot of them nowadays, to whom it serves as an excuse for not studying history. Just as Marx used to say, commenting on the French "Marxists" of the late [18]70s: "All I know is that I am not a Marxist."
1890 Letters Letters Archive Marx Engels Internet Archive


Related Yahoo Group>

Basic Information on America’s third parties: 10-05-2006

Note: The below has some good talking points for open debate, discussion and further analysis. Realism is at the core of all truly liberating action in conjunction with raising mass consciousness via basic community education. Some of it may be out-dated as circumstances change in time, space and social being.

c/s ~

This morning I posted this entry on the Viva Democracy Website URL>
Coordination on Communications
We need to have aggressive vanguard leadership with foresight and a long-term view for strategic empowerment. Amerika is already fascist, not heading towards, not getting to be, not in danger of... domestic fascism in its most advanced from is already HERE NOW. It's fascism on the domestic scene and neo-imperialism in the foreign sphere.

The border walls are going on, the Oval Office Cabal sees democratic socialism growing in Latin America, more mercenary troops are going to Iraq and the government has gone insane in its state of denial. Things are not as bad as they seem, they are worse than we know.

We should continue to exhaust all legal, peaceful and non-violent ways and means of resistance to fascist hierarchy. I echo Brother Malcolm X: Its the Ballot of the Bullet!

Today @ 6 PM we will have another Meeting of Latinos for Phil at the Campaign Headquarters on 1331 21st Street in Sacramento, Califas. We will meet and discuss current 'issues in question'.

Whether you are a Democrat, Green Party Member, Peace & Freedom Member, an Independent or even a Republican, you are still a human being of Mother Earth with a stake in Amerikan electoral politics. And human beings, if you have not noticed, are truly an endangered species!
Vote your conscience elevated by a humane consciousness, but VOTE on November 7th! ~Venceremos Unidos! ~Peta

COBELL v. NORTON: An Overview
Cobell v. Norton is a class-action lawsuit filed on June 10, 1996, in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. to force the federal government to account for billions of dollars belonging to approximately 500,000 American Indians and their heirs, and held in trust since the late 19th century.

Through document discovery and courtroom testimony, the case has revealed mismanagement, ineptness, dishonesty and delay by federal officials, leading U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth to declare their conduct "fiscal and governmental irresponsibility in its purest form."

Related Link=

One really has to look at the connected reality of a sovereign American Indian nation as a true government when the U.S. government can arbitrarily decree against it or blatantly break its own laws. Thus, I consider the present government really a rogue regime without any real legitimacy in my eyes.

Gracias Hermano for the Report ~
Click HERE>

We need to all learn better how to use Internet Power in order to combat the lies and calculated disinformation of the fascist dogs.
Read Organizing the Organic Internet:
By Alfredo Lopez at the Aztlannet Website

4 - Unity. A unified progressive presence within the Internet -- coordinating work, discussing ideas and supporting each other -- would redefine people's vision of the Internet and redirect this incredibly powerful movement. We have no such unity and efforts to build it need the entire progressive community's support and participation.
Unity is always the key and I do not mean just singing Solidarity Forever! I am not talking about perfect agreement all the time and cowering to the established Party line. God forbid!

I am talking about the basic unity build upon humane love, due respect, patient tolerance and mutual understanding mandatory for all winning social liberation movements.

I know that you cannot put two Chicanos together to make a simple bowl of menudo together without their big macho-egos getting in the way of the results. Chicanas/Latinas seems to grasp the importance of true unity more because they are the mothers and nurturers of our faith.

We all have common character defects, shortcomings and ideological errors we need to recognize and resolve in the protracted process of our continued spiritual growth as a people.

There is a lull happening in the immigrant rights movement and a lot of concern citizens are hoping the Democratic Party takes back Congress on this coming Election Day, but whether it does or not, we should look at building up our community power bases of operation.

The whole immigrant rights movement should always be seen as a part of the whole humane rights movement on a worldwide basis. It is a part, not the whole. When all those marches, rallies and demonstrations for immigrant rights happened this year it took a lot of people by surprise and was a real psycho-shock for Congress and a kind of heavenly manna for movement organizers. Actually it was predictable in the sun, moon and the stars,

A lot of immigrants hoped and prayed that true legal citizenship was within their reach via Congress if they would come out of the shadows, come together and exhibit their power in numbers! It did transform the whole political landscape inside the United States and had global reverberations. Nevertheless, now there is more racism, reaction and xenophobia inside the United States. The racist dogs themselves came out of the closet. Thus, the people's struggle goes on and on and we need to do our basic community education work. Faint hearts never win decisive struggles against all manifestations of madness.

All those who support the corporate-controlled U.S. fascist rogue regime are fools at best and accomplices to mass murder at worst. We should continue to oppose the unjust Amerikan occupation in Iraq, but we should not ignore the looming potential military repression in our own backyards inside the continental United States.

Now our class enemies and their filthy dogs are mobilizing up for more attacks against Latinos, against brown-skinned people and against undocumented immigrants. Some Hispanics and Mexican-American types may think they are immune to such racist attacks because they are great American citizens, but racist-reactionaries types do not give a damn. If you look like a Mexican you are a Mexican! Don’t get caught sitting on the fence by the crossfire!

We need to build cohesive coalitions, nurture natural allies and work with all those who want to work with us on a basic humane rights agenda. We must look into the future beyond the November elections, build up our power bases of community operations and train cadres for the coming struggles that are as predictable as nightfall.

As a community-street educator, my motto is: LEAD, FOLLOR OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

These are some of my pensamientos/thoughts today.
Venceremos Unidos! United We Will Win!
~ Peta-de-Aztlan ~
Daniel Chavez
Deputy Campaign Manager
Angelides for Governor 2006
1331 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 448-1998
Blog Link=

Join Up!

Basic Information on America’s third parties: 10-05-2006

“A true proportional democracy would be far better than the present broken system of representative democracy. A true democracy would be one governed by the majority of the general population with the highest respect for the rights of all minorities. Otherwise, democracy for so-called poor minorities or people of color results in fascist tyranny and racist domination by the White majority.”

Topic: Coordination on Communications

Vote your conscience elevated by a humane consciousness, but VOTE on November 7th!
Main Entry: 1as·sim·i·late
Pronunciation: &-'si-m&-"lAt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -lat·ed; -lat·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin assimilatus, past participle of assimilare, from Latin assimulare to make similar, from ad- + simulare to make similar, simulate
transitive verb
1 a : to take in and utilize as nourishment : absorb into the system b : to take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend
2 a : to make similar b : to alter by assimilation c : to absorb into the culture or mores of a population or group
intransitive verb : to become assimilated
- as·sim·i·la·tor /-"lA-t&r/ noun
usage When assimilate is followed by a preposition, transitive senses 2a and 2c commonly take to and into and less frequently with; 2b regularly takes to; sense 3 most often takes to and sometimes with. The most frequent prepositions used with the intransitive sense are to and into.

Main Entry: ac·cul·tur·a·tion
Pronunciation: &-"k&l-ch&-'rA-sh&n, a-
Function: noun
1 : cultural modification of an individual, group, or people by adapting to or borrowing traits from another culture; also : a merging of cultures as a result of prolonged contact
2 : the process by which a human being acquires the culture of a particular society from infancy
- ac·cul·tur·a·tion·al /-shn&l, -sh&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;-n&l/ adjective
- ac·cul·tur·a·tive /&-'k&l-ch&-"rA-tiv, a-/ adjective
Video Link= Watch the 2006 Gubernatorial Debate
Article=It All Comes Down to a Fence
SOLDADOS = Sixth Section

Chunk 1 = “Papers? Here are you papers! Hijo de la…”

Chunk 2 = “… I remember droppin’ my first guy… reality hits…”

Chunk 3
“Killing somebody is not the hard part…”

In the end, in every war,
who ever won, the people always lost.”

“Al fin, en cada Guerra
quienes ganaron, el pueblo siempre pierde”

Colonel Nguyin Duy
Martes = 11-10-2006 @11:24 AM
Indeed, elections come and go. We need to look at the building up of local group collectives to do the basic community organizing that needs to be done by creating communes that can help the people with day-to-day survival needs. A key element always needs to be community education, along with voter registration for upcoming elections on a constant on-going basis.

There has been a lull in the momentum around immigrant rights movement and that for me is to be expected.

Links to Immigrant-Rights-Agenda Reports= 06-24-2006 to 9-04-2006

A lot of the basic community organizing has never been well done on the local levels and if it was it was not sustained and developed over the years. If it would have been we would already be working in cohesion with other groups on a national and ultimately international level on a wide range of social issues in a way that cuts across racial lines and crosses borders worldwide which still needs to be done. It’s all a protracted process.

I support Phil Angelides for Governor and will vote for him on November 7th, 2006, However, I want to find out what the Democratic Party will do to help us poor people build up local power bases of operation for our own empowerment in order to build the necessary community infrastructure for mass mobilization with an eye for the Presidential Elections in 2008.

Of course, one’s perspectives will differ depending on one’s geographical location and personal experiences. In many ways, the Los Angeles area seems more organized with a myriad of clubs, groups and organizations of Latinos, but I remember hearing that Cesar Chavez called it the graveyard of organizers.

I suspect a lot of our potential and manifest leadership is actually locked up in the California penal system and that is a sorely neglected area we need to get more involved with for further liberating action!

Regrettably, most of the local liberal-radical left-wing individuals who should be working allies do not work together as we should on a common humane rights agenda. Everyone has to wave their own flag, promote their own website, have their own agendas and have their own set priorities. Meanwhile, the people remain in the dark ages…..

I do meet some positive people in the local progressive democracy movement in Sacramento and will continue working them. We need to unite with all progressive elements of the Democratic Party and third parties keeping in mind our common survival interests. Many partisans confuse temporary tactics with long-range strategic empowerment modules.

Myself, I am ‘in the process’ of building up a local vanguard education party called the Humane Liberation Party with some local ‘camaradas’ but it is slow agonizing lonely work. I mainly relate to and spend time with lumpen-proletarian street people who are not afraid to offer real resistance to Amerikan Fascism. Plus, I have other community-oriented interests working with homeless domestic refugees and recovering drug addicts! My kind of people!

I am working part-time as a health care worker and last I checked there were no openings for full-time community mobilizers for advancing the collective cause of social liberation that pays enough as a career goal!

At 54-Earth years I have witnessed a lot of the ebb-and-flow of social movements. Sometimes coming closer to our calculations, other times receding further away and always threatening to drown in an ocean of contradictions.

Hell, I could write a movie script, Journeys to Aztlan! I would have my own cast of characters replete with brujos and brujas!
From the Streets of Little Beirut
By Glen Yeadon, Author of The Nazi Hydra in America

The Nazi Hydra in America: By Glen Yeadon,

IMHO {In My Humble Opinion}, the U.S.A. government became a rogue nation the moment that Bush Jr. became President after his legalistic coup-d-etat over Al Gore in 2000 and Gore's rolling over meekly.

The U.S.A. government has violated international law and its own U.S. Constitution. Puppet-Fuhrer Bush is a war criminal and all of his Oval Office Cabal are war criminals.

I believe the docile apathetic Amerikan people are ever so slowly gradually starting to wake up to what is going down inside the United States.

Thank God we have Internet Power right now in order to help spread the truth to others, though, I strongly suspect that it will not stay in the form it is in right now, though, there may already be rogue-government hackers.

Fascists hate the truth and will kill truth-sayers. Hell, they are even harassing young teenage girls!

Amerikan Blackout seems to be a greatly needed documentary in these troubled times. I regret that many registered voters do not keep track of current events other than maybe a quick glance at headlines. many do not even get off their fat asses to go out and vote on Election Day and many fail to have the foresight to at least be permanent absentee voters if they want to stay super-glued on their armchairs and couches.

All U.S. citizens should be allowed the right to vote, including prisoners and ex-felons. In fact, an arguement could be made for allowing all citizens of the world community the right to vote in Federal Elections since millions of people in the 3rd world of Latin America, Africa and Asia are impacted by who runs the government of the United States.

I found this Google Video too=
True Lies: by Poet Taalam Acey. Teaser to documentary '"American Blackout"

On November 7th, 2006, I am Voting for Phil Angelides for Governor of California who has a remote chance of becoming Governor as the most winnable progressive candidate in the
California Governor's race, though, I greatly respect Peter Camejo of the Green Party.

Unfortunately, many low-income Americans who are eligible to vote do NOT vote, many independent voters throw away their vote as a protest vote for third party candidates who have no chance in hell of winning a given race and many others who may be socially aware are so senile when it comes to voting that they do not even vote though they reserve the right to bitch and complain about who gets elected.

Our social involvement in electoral politics is a major form of rational resistance to the official evildoers of these troubled times, including utilizing the Power of the Vote!
GNN wrote:
You can watch clips from AMERICAN BLACKOUT at:

True Lies: by Poet Taalam Acey. Teaser to documentary '"American Blackout"

Comment: Actually, it all runs deeper and branches wider than just the Evil Idiot Bush. It involves U.S. corporativism.


Phone: 206-526-7185

Phone: 206-526-7185

The Department of Chicano Studies
College of Liberal Arts - University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus
19 Scott Hall, 72 Pleasant Street, Minneapolis, MN 55455
telephone: 612-624-6309 | facsimile: 612-626-7904 | e-mail:

Does anyone remember Venceremos College in Redwood City, California in the early 70’s?
Around 1971, I went to a Los Siete court appearance, saw Lawyer Kuntsler, knew Donna, met a few people and decided to join up with Venceremos College. I moved from Sacra down there by El Camino Real and lived in Redwood City. There were some real heavy people involved with it and I started to work with the Community Center. Anyways, there was a death in my family, I returned to Sacramento where my wife at the time still live and got involved in life here again.

A lot has happened over these last few decades and some of us are comparing notes nowadays via the Internet.

Chronology of Political Events, 1954-1992

If anyone has noticed, I tend to be honest, open and forthcoming about ‘issues in question’. I believe those of us in any kind of position of leadership especially still need do a lot of work on ourselves in terms of building up our own character as humane beings.

As distinct from the illusion of an existing homogeneous ‘movimiento’, I myself am interested in building up a flexible liberation matrix that will involve a three {3} key components:

#1. A vanguard education party

#2. A non-profit educational corporation

#3. A community education center

I am first and foremost a humane being, then, consider myself a Chicano of Mexican-American-Native ancestry. I seek basic common denominators between people that cut across cultural, racial and ethnic divisions and Sacramento is the most racially integrated city in the United States. I want to work with all people on a global level, though, I know I must deal with the HERE NOW of my local immediate situation. Time is sacred.

I really believe human beings are really an endangered species and I am not sitting around waiting for a Savior to save us, though, I am spiritual at heart.

In my lifetime, I am had many jobs and am into working smart and hard, not just hard physical labor. I ain’t got no college degree and don’t plan to work for Campbell’s Soup for twenty years.
I know sloth is a character defect. I myself know a lot of Chicanos who have worked their asses off all their lives without really getting ahead. Maybe Senora Flores was in the wrong ‘hood’ and it is hard to make sweeping generalizations that are accurate. Often in life we make the wrong choices when it comes to choosing mates in our relationships.

Domingo @1:46 AM
Gracias Richard ~ Oue enemies are the mega-global corporations, the fascist state power structure, the fascist-minded military machine and all their fanatical flunkeys, then, as Carlos hinted at there is the enemy within aka: agent provacateurs.

I was hoping to get more of a response and feedback about my essay itself and wish others in this group would present their personal psycho-social ideas about the concept of Latino LIberation either through an essay, a blog post or a well thought out Email.

The main idea in my essay:
Analysis on Latino Liberation Inside the United States: was:

"... the old Chicano Movement will have to shed its old skin of reactionary nationalism and come to embrace scientific democratic socialism, along with the peoples of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and other liberated territories of Latin America in opposition to the Amerikan Empire."

We need to unite with other Latinos throughout the USA, in Mexico, Central America and South America as Latinos.

Plus, we need to come together with our natural allies who are other oppressed suffering peoples from different cultural backgrounds. We should not let our own prejudices and any remnants of racism keep us divided.

I hope someday soon some of us connected with Aztlannet can get together as a junta in for our own Aztlannet-type conference, to exchange ideas, work on some plans and get to know each other face to face.

I want to see a new Latino Libeation Movement built up in harmony with all other progressive liberation movements. Life upon Mother Earth, its interlocked global economy and even Internet Power has altered the dynamics and mechanics between peoples. New situations call for new analyses.

I first got involved in the 'movimiento' in my teens and know I am getting to be a real viejo, though, I am still in pretty good physical shape and pretty well preserved. I am not a veerano as I know the war rages on!!!

I remember the ol' War on Poverty days when President Johnson was in the White House, the volatile Vietnam War days and how the government would throw some crumbs to us like hungry dogs and some of fools fell for it and fought each other over 'crumbs from the banquet table', including Blacks and Browns here in Sacramento.

In real life, on the street level, sometimes friends become enemies and enemies become friends. It ain't all cut and dry in a gift-wrapped package.

A lot of life has to do with how we handle ourselves in our relations with others. Then, there are critical class enemies whose class interests are inherently opposed to ous own survival-based class interests.

Distinctions must be made and contradictions must be truly analyzed and resolved in terms of clearly-defined distinctions between antagonic and non-antagonistic contradictions.

Creating unity really has to do with getting to know our companeros in real life, how they think, how they operate under pressure, in the thick of battle or in a crisis situation. It is one thing to type from the comfort of my command post here with a loaded Remington shotgun in the corner and being out in the streets in a real firefight with the local neo-Gestapo.

Ideally, we get to know who are local comapneros are by coming together, by communicating together and by really working together on common plans, programs and projects.
Since we are both in Sacramenot we ought to get together soon for some cafe and compare mental notes.

Keep in mind that we are still going through the after-shocks and dust settling from the big immigrant rights marches and rallies this year. It showed us the great power we have and our far greater potential. We have barely tapped the top.

Nonetheless, protracted social liberation movements are mobilized, staged and manufactured by vanguad leadership, trained cadres and masses of people, not by automatic reflexes or sudden spurts of inspiration.

Fortunately, we are not starting from scratch. In a collective sense, we have a great wealth of experience already paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of many others in earlier times.

Sometimes once loyal partisans get burned out, bought off, filtered away or out-sourced out of the struggles before us.
It is the natural ebb and flow of liberation struggles, coming closer to our calculations at time and at other times receding further away in a constant state of flux.

Our struggle goes on, the movement moves forward and we must be armed with clarity, courage and conviction along with an undying faith in our people in conjunction with our vanguard elements involved in building up infrastructure.

Remember, the anatomy of a power base of operations involves three elements:

1. Personality
2. Organization
3. Capital
I have a Christian Ministry of working with homeless people who have decided that they have had enough with dope addiction and its damaging ways, then, want to get into progressive recovery and make something out of their shattered lives.

Thus, I work with a real life group called CASA which meets at the local Salvation Army Homeless Shelter. CASA stands for Christians Against Substance Addiction and I have been involved with it now for going on 10 years. It is volunteer work, but I have received many blessings from it, especially in terms of being able to help others and work on own continued spiritual growth.
CASA Links=
Understand that I myself am a recovering drunk, dope fiend and tramp. In terms of physical sobriety, which is just the beginning of wholistic {whole + holy} wellness. I have about ten years from shooting and dealing crank and over two years off alcohol. I am not a fanatic. It is just that I love the people and know that my taking care of my health is key to expressing that love and being of service to others. I myself am high self-motivated and I wish more people were so.

Sometimes a joint and a beer are just a joint and a beer. It is the abuse that turns into addiction that I oppose and drug addiction {including alcohol} is a world wide problem that very few address in the so-called movement.

Maybe you have read this belief of mine somewhere else from me, but I believe in being honest, open and willing to change. I am very critical of present-day so-called Chicano leadership as so many of the big leaders are so riddled with major character defects and severe shortcomings. For me, true liberation involves not only transforming socio-economic objective conditions, but also more important, transforming ourselves ‘in the process’ and working on our collective development as humane beings, not just two legged- animals called humans, but true humane beings with care, concern and compassion for others..

We are all born ignorant and innocent. It is in the growing up process that we run into problems, usually coming from one’s family of origin.

We all need help, we all need to reach out to other kindred souls and we all need counseling in one form or another.

Sometimes the best we can do is work on ourselves, work on our own enlightenment and hope that ‘the light’ shines out of us so that others may see the light of our truth.

~Tu Amigo, Peta~
Sacramento Area Peace Action
909 12th Street #118, Sacramento, CA 95814
PH (916) 448-7157 FAX (916) 448-7159 (call for office hours)

General Election Choices for November 7th, 2006

Governor = Phil Angelides
Lieutenant Governor = Donna J. Warren (Green Party)
Secretary of State = Debra Bowen
Monday, October 23rd, 2006: The End of Maliki? Will a Coup Unravel Iraq? Robert Dreyfuss and Raed Jarrar Discuss the War in Iraq

I thought a lot about this whole issue, discussed it and other related issues with other Latinos before switching from the Green Party back to the Democratic Party. I am now supporting Phil Angelides for Governor of California. I do not endorse the whole Demo Party slate and will VOTE for BOTH Demos and Greens in the General Elections November 7th, 2006.

Historically, Latinos have voted Democrats; I need to relate to my people’s present level of consciousness in order to help raise it! We cannot let the Democratic Party get off the hook by going Green or independent. If anything, independent third parties need to look at running and winning local elections.

I myself am for General Amnesty for undocumented Mexican immigrants and criticize the Angelides Campaign for being half-ass about it. The whole immigration debate will go on endlessly yet it triggers profound ideas about the legitimacy of the U.S. government in the Third World, the dubious rationale for the existence of borders and walls, and hints at the requirement of a total democratic socialist revolution on a world wide basis by any means mandatory!
The real base hunger of the people in their splendid billions will energize total transformation, not mere political parties in Amerika alone. I know this to be so.

Basic Information on Amerika’s third parties: 10-15-2006

I talked to Companero Camejo face-to-face outside on the lawn during the recent Governor’s Debate at Sac State. This is his last run for office. To me, he has been the only one that brought relevancy for Chicanos in the Green Party. And I am not talking about the symbolism of Leonard Peltier for President! We cannot eat slogans and symbols!

I am not blaming progressives. I am blaming the reactionary dogs in the White House who have manufactured this present fascist order. The White left-radical progressive wing does not and cannot represent the vital survival interests of Latinos. I am looking at it from the perspective of a poor Chicano who is of the largest racial-ethnic minority in side the United States and of the majority in the real world. The Third World IS the majority world! Will progressive Whites aggressively support our political agenda and look out for the basic survival interests of Latinos in general? Hell no!

Latinos are behind in every social-economic indicator under the present fascist order. Many Whites, most of whom are racists whether subconsciously or not, do not give a fuck about us and want us all to go back to Mexico. Progressive Whites should focus on healing the social sickness of White racism among their own White people, not telling non-Whites what they should or should not support in the name of what is ‘progressive’. We don’t need the White Amerikan mind! Us Latinos have our own minds and are quite capable of making our own independent choices without confused co-dependent help from progressive Whites.

Each of us should work in our own natural habitat and social environment. Latinos and Blacks will bring about a revolutionary paradigm shift in the whole American landscape once we are united on a common humane rights agenda and rid ourselves of our own remnants of racism.

After these round of elections are over a lot of the basic voter registration and community education will still have to be done by progressives, or better, compassionate humane beings. Do not let this period further divide us. We should work together in areas that we can and know that we will not and cannot always see eye-to-eye on everything. Latinos and Blacks are being repressed now and living in Third World like conditions inside the United States. Now a lot of White racists are coming out of the floorboards in the name of phony patriotism that veils their racist xenophobia. Will you walk with me door-to-door in our barrios/ghettos after dark???

Will you fire away with me if it comes down to a firefight? Progressive Whites can always put on a business suit and go back to their folks undercover! We have always been here and will always be here. We are at home in the Americas!
@ 9:00 PM PST
Hola Jennifer Johnson
Latin America Working Group

Thank you for your Email this evening. I will forward it to others who may be interested.
We all need to really concentrate on the coordination of communications among all humane activists especially during these troubled times among Border Activists.

Please take the time to check out the Aztlannet Website:

Then, please take the initiative to Join Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group! Do not hesitate to stay in communication.
Gracias Companero Carlos ~ In the process of us facing our responsibility to restore Mother Earth we need to also restore in ourselves our sense of oneness and identity with one another in a way that results in us being humane with each other, that is, having care, concern and compassion for creatures of the Creator. We have the capacity and weapons of mass mutual destruction to destroy all life forms and ourselves today. Simply overthrowing unjust corrupt governments will never be enough until we overthrow our own evil ways as four-legged carnivorous social animals. We need to transform existing evil powers structures and change the souls of our times or we will merely replace one dictatorial class for new keepers of the gate.

Truly as a species of life human beings themselves are an endangered species that now endangers all species of life upon this one irreplaceable planet.
Octubre 27, 2006 @9:55 AM ~
I am employed part-time as a Health Care Worker and am on-call at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter. I work with a Christian Ministry called CASA that helps homeless addicts seeking progressive recovery; am in the process of building up a political-educational party called Humane Liberation Party; and am the Monitor for Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group, among other humane activities.

Post message:
List owner:

I have a straight up radical global overview in these reactionary xenophobic times inside the United States. We Latinos are responsible for our own community education and our own liberation in harmony with all people’s liberation struggles worldwide. We need to build up a community-based infrastructure; relate to the people’s basic needs; and build up working coalitions with our natural allies.

There is a progressive Sacra website that has been around for a long time related to progressive events on the local level that you may want to check out:

With all that has happened this year in terms of immigrant rights, our marches and rallies, it is time to ratchet up our collective struggles for Latino Liberation. We are not asleep. We are wide awake and need to wake up all our gente!
Liberation Now!!!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
Humane Liberation Party
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