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7-06=2008 ~ Gracias for your post Senor Wilson!

I am an ardent supporter of Senator Obama for President and believe that he is the best man running for the Presidency who is capable of winning, especially if White Americans can overcome any and all remnants of racism against African-American people.

My support is not only sitting on my ass comfortable at my computer on the Internet but getting out and raising consciousness in the local community around me.

I have a radical perspective on the situation in the nation with a global overview, as I keep in mind the immediate connected reality of my here and now.

Where is the progressive today and what happened to the radicals?

It was the insane Fuhrer Bush ~ the self-labeled decider ~ who made the term 'radical' a dirty word, then, in passive compliance many began to call themselves 'progressives' walking in fascist-inculcated lock-step. It is clear that fascism has so far won the war of words by changing and limiting the vocabulary of political discourage, debate and dialogue in relation to what it deems politically and patriotically correct.

Especially after the 911 terrorist attacks many Amerikans did not want to be associated with the evils of radical terrorism and many who now label themselves as progressives stopped using the term 'radical', forgetting that the U.S.A. itself was founded by a hard core group of radicals! It is what it is and we are where we are.

The major difference between liberals and radicals is in relation to true radicals accepting the natural development of a true revolutionary movement aimed at toppling the Amerikan Empire, not mere liberal reform of a decaying state and crumbling Western civilization with more prisons than any other country.

We should always look at the big picture. The U.S.A. can no longer afford to develops its politics and politics while forgetting the Third World of Latin America, Africa and Asia, that is, the MAJORITY OF THE WORLD'S PEOPLES!.

The whole immigration issue is a great example. What is Obama going to do about the odd 12 million undocumented human beings from Mexico already inside the United States? No, Mexicans are not stupid and most are hard workers with families who will not go trampling back to Mexico then report back into the U.S.A. when they are already here now inside the continental United States!!!

Why do we even have borders? Who are we protecting ourselves from? Is Amerika really a gated community that can really lock itself in far away from the rest of the world? Obviously the power brokers of monopoly capital cross borders all the time with a click of the mouse! What kind of a world will it be when there are no false borders? The Amerikan Empire manifests itself as neo-imperialism on the foreign level and fascism on the domestic local level.

Surely the people's vanguard elements need to engage in honest self-criticism and constructive criticism about all core issues related to our liberation movements with mutual respect, humane love and deep understanding for each other.

Of course, Obama is a liberal politician and supports capitalism. He is who he is, but after two terms of creeping domestic fascism under the rogue Bush Regime we need to look at the whole situation with new fresh rational analyses, not knee-jerk emotional reactions.

Amerika has gone utterly insane, is once again caught up in an evil unjust war of state-sponsored terrorism, this time in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, yet Amerika cannot house and feed its own poor people and continues to believe this is the best of all possible worlds! Is this not denial on a national level? How dare Amerikan pundits pretend to be the great moral and ethical deciders for the rest of the world!

The perversions of traditional electoral politics is exemplified by the schizophrenia bi-polar of Left-Wing vs. Right-Wing. In the realm of connected reality the Truth is in the Center, neither Left nor Right. Real life is a lot more complex and intricate than simpleton notions of Left is good and Right is wrong inherited from Europe centuries ago.

All our radical politics as forms of war without bloodshed must be based upon factual analyses of actual conditions, not self-delusions and hallucinations. Where is the progressive movement inside the United States? Online? Where is the vanguard radical party required to raise mass consciousness inside the United States?

As humane beings we should support Obama for President, continue to raise consciousness and always always comprehend connected reality in rational practical ways. No one man incarnates the Truth and we should stop looking for a false Messiah.
The truth is within and the people themselves incarnate the truth: the people's hunger, poverty and oppression are examples of the truth!
Who will build on an ideal that begins with aggressive force?

Come Together and Create!
Peter S. Lopez ~ aka:Peta
Sacramento, California, Aztlan



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My latest blog on the false Obama "flip-flops" pushed by the media is here:
Earlier, I wrote about the media misreporting about Obama and public financing,
and discuss it on the latest Counterspin radio show,

As I argue in my book on Obama (obamapolitics. com), I think that Obama has always been a pragmatic progressive. Not only is that the only kind of progressive who can get elected, but it's good for the progressive movement, too. One of my chapters focuses on the left-wing criticism of Obama, and why I think it's misguided. I think that a separate progressive movement supporting Obama is important because it means that we've a vital constituency. When progressives abandon Obama, all it means is that he becomes more dependent on (and owes more favors to) big money and the mainstream Democratic Party.

For those of you in Chicago, I'll be doing a book this Friday, July 11, at 7:30pm at Women & Children First, 5233 N. Clark. C-SPAN is planning to be there to record the event for Book TV.

For those of you not in Chicago, I hope to be touring this fall talking about Obama and the progressive movement, so please put me in touch with anybody who might want to invite me to speak.

John K. Wilson
founder, Institute for College Freedom, ,
author, "Patriotic Correctness: Academic Freedom and Its Enemies" (Paradigm Publishers, 2008)
author, "Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest" (Paradigm Publishers, 2008), www.obamapolitics. com