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Crow’s Eye View From Sacramento: By Peta-de-Aztlan: 10-01-2007

Crow's Eye View From Sacramento: By Peta-de-Aztlan: 10-01-2007
It is now October, another global warming summer has passed, the climate crisis continues and we are into the fall with the autumn leaves beginning to drift down here in Sacramento.

The trees of Sacramento are its crowning glory as there are over 160,000 trees in the Sacramento area. Rising together they are Sacramento's greatest beauty, not the State Capitol with its Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The California Gold Rush of 1849 was sparked when James Marshall discovered gold while constructing a sawmill along the American River northeast of present-day Sacramento. Founded in 1849, the City of Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in California, and is the State Capitol of California.
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Sacramento is a City-County jurisdiction, like San Francisco. A lot of state office workers, retired people and business people live in Sacra, though from my vantage point working among many of the local homeless I know it has thousands of poor people existing in the misery of poverty within its borders. It has been noted as the most diverse city in the U.S.A. and racism is polite and subtle.
Politically Sacramento is a relatively liberal city with a slight Democratic edge of registered voters. Predictably, many of the eligible poor voters are not registered to vote and do not usually vote. There are some Sacramentans who are hard-core conservative reactionary elements in key positions of power that prefer the status quo that way and they have generally discouraged any strong radical political base-building here in Sacra, unlike San Francisco. The dominant newspaper is the widely circulated Sacramento Bee, though there is the free Sacramento News & Review with a relatively small circulation.
Sacramento County Registered Voters:
American Independent
Sacramento County has a general population of 1.35 million and encompasses approximately 994 square miles in the middle of the 400-mile long Central Valley, which is California's prime agricultural region,
San Francisco has a population estimate of 744,041 of about 49 square miles with out of a statewide population of 36,457,549 and it the cultural center of the whole Bay Area.
Los Angeles County has the largest population of any county in the nation with 10,331,939 as of January 2007, has 4,084 square miles and its size is exceeded by only eight states. Approximately 27 percent of California's residents live in Los Angeles County.
San Francisco
Los Angeles
1.35 million
Square Miles
Sacramento's population is stretched out over many miles with a high degree of integration in the general population with scattered clusters of black ghettos and brown barrios, not in a central location as in other cities with a large compacted ghetto or barrio.
It is hoped that with the advent of the Internet we will eventually get a bigger better picture of the degree and level of cultural-racial integration, as official statistics are often biased and flawed. Who does a head count in Del Paso Heights, South Central or East Los Angeles?
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world the mass war and insanity of these troubled times instigated by the Amerikan Empire continues and many Amerikans are sound asleep in relation to their social consciousness full of more fear and hatred of foreigners than ever in a world in which the majority of the people are of the Third World in Latin America, Africa and Asia. From a global overview, White Amerikans are really the minority in the world and many of them fail to heed this objective fact in ignorance or denial. Indeed, White Amerikans need to shed any remnants of racism like an old dead skin and unite together with the vast masses of the people worldwide in the collective struggles begin waged by many social movements for justice, democracy and liberation!
The truth is that White people do not have a monopoly on racism as racism comes in many colors. It is still alive and well in fascist Amerika and a key reason why the people of the United States are divided in mistrust and unable to see their common interests above and beyond their skin color, racial and cultural differences. The truth is there is really only one race and it is the human race as the whole concept of race is man's invention not seated in biological facts.
Right now, I am watching The War ~The Ghost Front~ {December 1944-March 1945} on Channel 6 KVIE.
Chicanos-Latinos, or whatever in the hell you want to call the indigenous descendants of the original peoples of these lands I call Aztlan, were never ever meant to be part of the so-called Amerikan Dream. We have fought bravely in its war for false notions of patriotism or just to get home alive and still we are treated as foreigners. The Amerikan Dream has become our nightmare. Many of La Raza are so lost because they do not know who they are, what they are and have very little sense of their potential power to totally transform this wild world that we live in under this failed state called the United States of America. The sleeping giant woke up for a bit not too long ago, but it also has fallen fast asleep again, or better, pretends to be asleep.
Many undocumented Mexicanos want to stay invisible, have little or no faith in any hare-brained Chicano Movement and many Mexican-Americans or Hispanics are too busy trying to ape White Americans, not knowing who they are.
Our internal war goes on and one cannot be a real veteran when the war we need to fight is going on. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the day! History beckons us and we must arm ourselves with our courage, integrity and determination and fight onward!
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~But the Raven, sitting lonely on that placid bust, spoke only
That one word, as if its soul in that one word he did outpour
Nothing farther then he uttered; not a feather then he fluttered--
Till I scarcely more than muttered: "Other friends have flown before--
On the morrow he will leave me, as my Hopes have flown before."
Then the bird said "Nevermore."
Come Together and Create!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka:Peta
Sacramento, California, Aztlan