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Where is my independence? ~ by Peter S. Lopez


July 4th, 2009

Independence Day is the national holiday of the United States of America commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia and its eventual independence as a colony from the British Empire.

Remember: Unknown millions of dark-skinned people were killed during the early colonization of Amerika: Black chattel property slavery was still in existence and the Black man was considered 3/5th of a human being in the U.S. Constitution; the mass genocide of native peoples indigenous to these lands was still going on and the false Manifest Destiny of the United States to conquer North America loomed darkly in the future. Mass genocide was committed in the name of God! Where was true independence for the original peoples killed in the name of a dubious freedom?

“In 1845 John L. O'Sullivan, editor of the Democratic Review, referred in his magazine to America's "Manifest Destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions." One of the most influential slogans ever coined, "manifest destiny" expressed the romantic emotion that led Americans to risk their lives to settle the Far West.”

That so-called Far West was home to Mexico at the time. Under the threat of further war and invasion upon the rest of Mexico by the U.S. government a large rich portion of northern Mexico was ceded to the United States in the now infamous 1848 broken Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

“The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo gave Mexicans the right to remain in United States territory or to move to Mexico. About three thousand chose to move, but the overwhelming majority decided to stay. These people could choose to retain Mexican citizenship or become citizens of the United States. The treaty explicitly guaranteed Mexican Americans "the right to their property, language, and culture."

Early Amerika was stolen by the raw brute force of armed violence and open state-sanctioned terrorism carried out by the descendants of foreign invaders from Europe. Are we to have selective amnesia? The history of Amerika is drenched in rivers of bloodshed and oceans of tears. It all made the killings of the Roman Empire seem lightweight in comparison.

Today in these troubled times we really need to remember our past history in order to have a good understanding of where we are at today. Where is my independence? Really, where is my true independence? My people are still not free, still not really independent and still under the torture of corporate capitalism!

We are now free to go starving near-naked, free to be homeless refugees tossed onto sinister streets, free to be thrown into the concentration camps of prisons behind phony drug wars and free to go kill in foreign lands to keep the steel-toed boot of Amerikan Imperialism on the necks of Middle East peoples. We are distracted for one night on the 4th of July by pretty colors emitted by legal fireworks in the sky, while many continue to live in a mass lie under a devious mass deception that we are actually ‘independent’ in the fullest sense of the word.

In truth, we are dependent upon the great cosmos, certain basic universal laws of physics and quantum physics, such as, gravity, space, time, matter, energy and electro-magnetic fields. We are dependent upon the rays of the Sun in the center of our solar system, upon the natural resources of Mother Earth and upon the love we have for each other in order to help make it a better new world for all of us. That is a natural dependence.

However, for those of us who are blessed to be employed, we are still wage slaves dependent upon a corporate capitalist economic system that sucks the life energy and drains the life blood out of us. We are dependent upon the mighty corporate utilities or we go homeless and hungry left in the dark. If we get physically sick many of us are without any kind of decent medical care or health insurance and are left to just die out on our own. This is an unnatural dependence.

To make matters worse, many millions of us are chemically dependent upon alcohol and other street drugs in vain attempts to escape the horrors of our daily lives. Many more are addicted to prescription drugs to help ease the pain of living hand-to-mouth with ailments and illnesses.

These remarks may seem like somewhat vague generalities but the point is that we have definite dependencies that operate in our lives both to our benefit and to our harm. As humane beings, we require true economic independence, that is, complete ownership and control of the land and the social institutions thereon, including the means of mass production, mass distribution, mass transit systems and mass communication networks, including Internet Access. The masses of working class people worldwide are the true creators of the wealth in society, not the profiteers of the big banks who have no loving compassion nor do they shed a single tear over mass suffering and starvation. Yet who do we allow to be bailed out in the billions of dollars?!?!

Ultimately, in conscious communion with the Great Creator, it is up to the people, the vast masses of people worldwide, to seize control of their own world by any means mandatory in order to bring about true independence for all peoples in all lands. We cannot afford the illusions of artificial borders that corporate capitalism travels across constantly around the globe at the speed of light with the click of a mouse in moving their finance capital about, like hiding the pea in a slick shell game. Where are their borders and limitations? Indeed, we create our own connected reality!

Any independence I have today is a mental independence from the mental hold of corporate fascism over my cosmic consciousness. I am now independent from the mass lies I was fed from my childhood years on up by my parents and other authority figures in my immediate environment growing up. Now I have the light of a special solitary spiritual independence of the inner soul that allows me to be free of the dark spirits of ignorance, stupidity and utter insanity.

Nonetheless, I am not completely independent in the fullest sense of the word, especially in an economic sense. Politics springs up out of economics and it is all based upon social realities in the context of connected reality. The truth is none of us are truly independent from hungry, poverty and oppression until we are all independent of the steel stranglehold of corporate capital and its armies of mercenaries. We should come together as one great people upon Mother Earth in order to be free to live our lives in ways that foster and embolden our own collective peace, personal liberty and inner happiness. Then I will celebrate Independence Day with joy among the people in their beautiful billions!

Other than that, today is just a feeble excuse for many folks to get drunk into oblivion across the country who will pretend that they are free and independent while their souls know the very truth will set them free! Not waving a red-white-and-blue flag like pathetic fools while children starve!

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