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Response: Check out Phil Angelides - Democrat for Governor:

Companero Richard y Hola Todo ~ I think we need to come out and actively recruit the so-called minority community to support Phil Angelides as Democrat for Governor, not just throw out an Email link with a zillion individual Emails addresses without elaboration. Angelides is a winnable candidate and I want to vote for a potential winner!

Remember: Latinos are now the largest so-called minority inside the United States. On a global scale non-White Third World peoples of Latin America, Africa and Asia are the definite majority of the people upon planet Earth! WE are the majority of the world's peoples! Let that sink into your consciousness! We should not throw away the advantage we already have in sheer numbers in terms of billions of human beings for the sake of political correctness!

La Raza Cosmica ~ Chicanos, Mexicanos and indigenous native peoples of the United States ~ are the true original owners of these lands I call Aztlan. We should not throw away the power of our potential unity for a few casinos!

Now we are so integrated into the general population that any thought of a separate Chicano Nation is Aztlan is insane and counter-revolutionary. Even in terms of reparations for past injustices it would never be enough. We should not be satisfied with a mere piece of the putrid pie. We want the whole bakery and the land beneath it! These lands are our lands!!!

Many peoples of various origins have contributed to the making of this land of fears called Amerika, including our White skinned brothers and sisters. We must demand our fair share of the fruits of our labors upon these lands and the lands themselves!!!

White racism still remains a major obstacle to unity among all progressive peoples, including White Leftist Minds.

All remnants of racism against any other race or ethnic group must be eradicated amongst us. The concept of a separate race of people itself is a man-made one as a social construction. We are of the entire human race of homo-sapiens.

How many Chicanos still refer to Black people ~our natural allies~ as 'mayates' {a beetle pest in the cotton fields, as in Arizona} amongst themselves? Racism becomes second nature!

The so-called WHITE LEFT-WINGERS will never come out in support of Latino issues as Latinos themselves can. Only Latinos themselves can bring about any real Latino Liberation and contribute our portion to the overall liberation struggle in unity with all peoples. Unity is the key to success!

As Latinos, we are primarily responsible for our own liberation. We must be self-reliant about that in all our liberation efforts and we cannot sit around waiting for Jesus Christo or pray for a United Front as we die in the streets, fields and deserts!

Amerikan fascism and the racist xenophobic U.S. Congress is already fencing us all in and it will get worse as time goes by. Connected reality cannot be long ignored.

Congress OKs 700 miles of fence on border with Mexico

We should continue to utilize all legal peaceful means and methods of struggles but none of us should be under any illusions or hallucinations about what it will take for the actual seizure of state power!

We must oppose the insanity of the Iraq war and stand up against the continued Amerikan Occupation. And the Bush rogue regime wants more troops! All U.S. troops over there are already pain hired killers, programmed mercenaries and should be exposed as such before public opinion. Heroes do not fight in unjust wars. They all joined and were not drafted. And I don't care if Pancho can't get a job at McDonald's. You don't join the Enemy Army!

We will need to de-program them when and if they come back and at least neutralize as many as we can so that they do not end up in opposition to our own liberation efforts. The key for raising consciousness is basic community education for all of us. We must know who are friends and enemies are and not split hairs amongst ourselves about who is more left-wing than who in shades of green as we argue intricacies of ideology!

We can impact the world on November 7th as registered voters as long as we do out and VOTE, get others to get involved in their own lives and go out and VOTE on voting day. Register all who are eligible for any political party they want without prejudice. We all need to lock and load!

Be bold, be brave and know that the truth is our greatest weapon!!!!!

Phil Angelides for Governor of California!
Terminate the Governator Arnold S.!
Phil Angelides ~ Democrat for Governor
Peter Camejo ~ Green Party Candidate for Governor
General Election Date = November 7th, 2006

Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
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Click here: Phil Angelides - Democrat for GovernorLets vote for a guy who will do more than just show up for photo ops with the minority community.

Richard Esquivel

Response: Phil Angelides is loyal to Latino issues and I stand with my elder Dolores Huerta in support of Felipe Angelides

Response: Phil Angelides is loyal to Latino issues and I stand with my elder Dolores Huerta in support of Felipe Angelides

After Midnight Sabbath Morning ~ Gracias Olga y Todo~

Keep in mind that our personal perspectives will differ with our connected realities on a geo-political existential level. No one but I can see through my eyes and I am intrinsically independent not tied to any political party.

I know the two-headed monster of the Democratic / Republican Party dominates electoral politics in Amerika, but the divide-and-conquer formula works both ways, especially when there are operating political vacuums and other ‘issues in question’. Liberation is a process, not a final conclusion.

For starters, I wish all of us would centralize our online communications. Join the Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group as an online forum for general discussions. Are you reading this Sister Olga and Oct29 List Members? Sadly, we cannot even get into the same online group together, let alone reason the truth together for the sake of unity based upon shared positions and principles, even if we agree to disagree on some matters.

Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group Home Page
Related Link:

I love and respect Companero Camejo and appreciate many of the Green Party positions. However, he is not a real winnable candidate and he has no illusions about actually winning. Democratic Candidate Angelides has the best chance of actually winning among the candidates running for Governor of California. I do not want to see Bush-buffoon Arnold S. win again!

Politics is still war without bloodshed. The Green Party and other independent candidates may win on the local level but in a big election for high office it would be impossible in these reactionary times. Do the math, connect the dots and think outside the ballot box.

Over the years, Latinos (including Mexicans, Hispanics and Chicanos) have not gone into the Green Party en masse and have historically been Democrats for generations. There is no cohesive U.S. left-wing movement or a strong leading progressive party that can swing national elections. We need to start looking at the body politic, not only the wings!

Inside the United States, there is no single strong Third Party emerging on the horizon in the near future or beyond. A loose collection of vanguard elements with common interests can together form a collective voting machine on a transitory basis. The kaleidoscope of Amerika is the most diverse and divided country in human history.

The majority of the votes can win an election unless it is a rigged-fraudulent election and/or a quasi-legal coup-d-etat, then, politics can be transformed into war with bloodshed along with regime change and a provisional government.
In essence, it is still comes down to the ballot or the bullet!

The vanguard ideal is to help guide the people through these learning experiences so that they will eventually question the whole basis of state power. We need to fathom the concept of strategic empowerment in the context of a protracted people’s war. We should look and plan ahead to 2008 and beyond!

Relevant Links=
Phil Angelides ~ Democrat for Governor
Peter Camejo ~ Green Party Candidate for Governor
General Election Date = November 7th, 2006
Sacra County: Registering to Vote

People must be registered to vote 15 days prior to an election! We should register the eligible voters we can for November 7th and work on getting out the vote on November 7th, 2006 TOGETHER!!!
Liberation Now!!!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta

From: "EUGENE Hernandez"
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 22:19:25 +0000
Subject: RE: [Aztlannet_News] Sacra>Re: Anti-War Demo (search-free!), Saturday, 16th & Broadway, 5:30-7:30pm

I disagree with you-voting for the lesser of two evils means you still vote for an evil. Angelides is not necesarryily evil but there is an alternative, and I am surprised as a Chicano activist you ignored it- that is voting for Peter Camejo, who is far more articulate and has a bettter platform that the Democrats

Eugene Hernandez

RE: Sacra>Re: Anti-War Demo (search-free!), Saturday, 16th & Broadway, 5:30-7:30pm
Olga Trevizo wrote:

I do have a history of seeing Phil at rallies when we needeed support for collective bargaining legislation for Latino farmworkers. I know that Phil supports drivers licenses for undocumented, I know that Phil will bring the National Guard back from the border and he does not support repatriation or deportation of illegal workers. He also wants to make sure that undocumented university students have fair access to financial aid for school. Phil Angelides represents my interest as a woman, a person of color and a working class person. My mother's pension and benefits were fought for by Phil Angelides. I work in social services and healthcare and I know that IHSS workers wages were fought for and protected by Phil Angelides.

I have always agreed with you Stephen and Virginia, you have my deepest respect, but my goal is to get Latinos to a place where we are at the bargaining and decision making table and not serving it, hypothetically or literally. I can not risk Arnold being in the Governor's office any longer. Phil Angelides is loyal to Latino issues and I stand with my elder Dolores Huerta in support of Felipe Angelides.


Olga Trevizo
(916 816-0568

"Stephen S. Pearcy" wrote:
Speaking of Oct. 29, I remember seeing Peter Camejo at the anti-minuteman rally, but, once again, I didn't see Phony Phil...

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To: SouthWest Asia Telemission; Dan Elliot;
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Subject: Sacra>Re: Anti-War Demo (search-free!), Saturday, 16th & Broadway, 5:30-7:30pm

Hola Dan E. and All ~ Who is SouthWest Asia Television?

I met Brother Phil Angelides yesterday @ the Campagin Office and attended a Meeting of Latinos who in the main were there to see what his positions are all about. Afterwards, there was a general agreement to support Phil Angelides for Governor in opposition to the Fascist Arnold S.

For security reasons, I can see the need to search backpacks to a point and I called the Angelides office about this, plus, I heard how security took the handicapped parking spaces at Sac City, but I was not there. Nevertheless, this should not let it blunt our vision in regards to our support for a winnable governor's race against the Fascist Arnold S.
Who are our friends and who are our enemies!

This is typical of the so-called Left wing dividing itself all on its own and allowing by default the right-wing reaction to win in elections.

It is naive to assume left is good and right is bad as a knee-jerk reaction based upon left-wing labels. We should look at it all in terms of what is in the best interests of the people's basic survival needs, what is good for the people and which candidate would best serve the people's intersts.

In terms of community work the general focus should be on doing basic voter education/registration work for any party anyone wants to be in and get people out to vote.

Hell, the Iraqi people have a lot more voter perticipation that U.S. voters and U.S. voters do not generally have a gun to their head when they vote!!

P.S. Remember the October 29th List was created in the first place for Immigrant Rights!

Liberation Now!!!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
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Dan E wrote:

Hi Nancy, I'm getting Oct29 emails now so you don't have to send me a special fwd anymore -- thank you so much, very nice of you to take the trouble!

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From: Stephen S. Pearcy
Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 12:59 PM
Subject: Anti-War Demo (search-free!), Saturday, 16th & Broadway, 5:30-7:30pm

Hello everyone:

This is the last reminder to please join us at 16th & Broadway, in Sacramento, tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 30th), from 5:30pm to 7:30pm to protest the U.S. occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Israeli occupations of Lebanon and Palestine.

We're also encouraging people to come and show support for various Green Party and Peace and Freedom Party candidates, rather than the "business-as-usual" Democratic candidates.

Since we'll be out there exercising our 1st Amendment rights, and supporting civil rights generally, nobody's participation will be conditioned upon his or her willingness to waive the right to be free from unreasonable searches, as was required yesterday at the Phil Angelides rally. Yes, that's right: the college students were required to subject themselves to backpack searches in order to protest the war with Phony Phil.

But we promise not to do that! So please spread the word and bring any compelling signs, displays, banners, or attention-getters. We look forward to seeing you!

Stephen & Virginia Pearcy

P.S. Don't forget to add to your favorites list!

Note: font formatted for better readability. ~PSL

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am thinking.....

Martes/Tuesday ~ Septiembre 26, 2006 @9:48 AM

I am thinking that I am scattering my forces online instead of concentrating my forces. I have several blogs, am the moderator for several groups and have other venues in order to have an Internet presence.

I know the qualitative difference between reporting the news and repeating the news so I have to keep that in mind. I consider myself an elder Internet reporter in the belief that if we give the people pertinent news about current events that they can come to their own conclusions as to what is going in the world today.

More later.....
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