Friday, September 01, 2006

By Peta-de-Aztlan

Note: Here is stuff from a Word Document I kept for the month of September 2006 for the reader and myself to check out. I call this a SEPTEMBER MOVEMENT DIARY. It is mainly stuff from Emails and other notes for my future reference.

I sincerely believe that sharing is caring, even at the risk of some self-exposure, so I am sharing this online. If need be you can copy a weblink and paste to your browser on top that shows what Internet website you are on.

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~Peta de Aztlan

We should all learn more and more about ourselves and about others upon Mother Earth, especially those of 'foreign lands'. Racism is not a social-psycho disease of only White racists and many non-Whites harbor remnants of racism against others of other social-cultural backgrounds. After all, the concept of separate races is really a social construction as DNA traverses all bloodlines.
"The midnight earth sends incense up,
sweet with the breath of prayer,
Go out beneath the naked night
and get religion there."
--- Sam Walter Foss
Che Guevara Archive
“While we was together, we -- every evening, we used to have these dialectical discussions, and one of our main discussions was on why progressive movements have always started with such a bang and then end in such a frizzle. And we kept coming up with that we allowed our petty differences to stop us from working together.”
Malik Rahim, New Orleans community activist, co-founder of the Common Ground Collective and veteran of the Black Panther Party.

From Democracy Now! Interview: Monday, August 28th, 2006
09-05-06 @10:10 PM
… It opened up other perspectives in my mind. I do appreciate the economic analysis in the context of tomatoes. It’s about the tomatoes, who picks them and who profits in the end. The stem cell of Amerikan corporate capitalism.

Logistically alone it would be impossible to identity, extract and expel all the millions of non-U.S. citizen immigrants who are already here now inside the continental United States without predictable killings excused as collateral damage. Plus, the profit-motive is always the primary motive drive for the capitalist neo-slavemasters. The slave masters always need their slaves, especially when they are powerless, non-unionized and always in danger of deportation!

You wrote:
“Now, if they do a door to door sweep of the Barrio or close off streets and check all residents in the Barrio and Latino enclaves, then we have a battle on our hands. Right now, it's just political showboating."

These fascist fools are doing more than just political showboating. We already have a battle on our hands. By the way, we’re losing. Many of us are just not recognizing the quiet lonely battles being waged already by many who are back in the shadows or dying out in glaring sunlit deserts! Not to elaborate on who are the victims of today's drug wars!

From where I sit it looks like Amerikan Fascism is setting up a whole new reign of terror. One predictable border spark can set this whole power keg off! How will the Movimiento respond if armed ICE troops are called in to do a timed extraction/kidnap of Companero Elvira? Current events brewing in Mexico will continue to spillover into the USA. What happens when a gung-ho redneck recruit raw from killing brown-skinned Iraquis kills a brown-skinned Mexican civilian in a border skirmish and calls it collateral damage or justifiable homocide? Impossible or inevitable?!?

Did you hear the speech today by Fuhrer-Puppet Bush before the Military Officers' Association of America? Why do you think he spoke it from there of all places? Pig Bush is the figurehead for a new kind of Amerikan Jihad to combat Islamic-Muslim fundamentalist worldwide.

Is this religious war aka ‘Jihad’ spiel or not? Are people really listening to the Bush mass fascist propaganda program? Our enemies are experts at mass marketing.

National Strategy for Combating Terrorism!

Mass marches, peace rallies and online petitions alone will not be enough to stop the rising tide of Amerikan Fascism now that it is already ‘in power and secure’. Is an unjust state power with the greatest military might in human history expected to just respect and respond to a weaker force based upon moral ethics?!?

The basics remain the basics: mass education and mass mobilization in the context of local community organizing around the people’s basic survival needs. And I mean all oppressed-repressed people: brown, black, white, yellow and polka dot! All of us must rid ourselves of any remnants of racism in any form against any color, race or ethic group.

We need to create, sustain and expand local community-based collectives and cooperatives led by an aggressive vanguard leadership, supported by masses of people and in working coalitions with global allies who can ALL envision total liberation for the future WE cannot create what we cannot dream, imagine and visualize. And we better not forget the power of prayers!

The three elements of democratic activity: timely information, the technology to communicate with one another, and then mobilization for action and results. -- Ralph Nader

9/6/2006 6:50:13 PM
I think we really need to centralize our efforts and avoid duplications. More important is getting other Raza into literacy, computer literacy and onto the Internet themselves. Eventaully in this area it will come down to who has the writers, the reporters, the journalists to actually report the news. Other than that we just become funnels for information… even redundant. There is a key difference between reporting the news and repeating the news! And there is a key difference between reporting the news and making the news as a newsmaker! ~Peta.

I appreciate these reminders about the American body count and wounded from Iraq. But who can calculate the massive deaths and casualties of the Iraqi people themselves? The morgues are always overflowing! All of us should see the insanity going on in what I term Iraq-nam. It is not a duplicate of Vietnam, it’s worse!

One good sign is that many Americans not stricken with ‘selective amnesia’ and who are old enough to remember clearly the Vietnam War and the parallels in Iraq-nam with Amerka’s lost War in Vietnam. The Amerikan nationalist ego has never gotten over losing in Vietnam and is hell bent on having a foreign military victory, thus, Afghanistan, Iraq and the whole Middle East madness. Our enemies can never defeat a people’s war and people’s army! Who can capture the invisible wind?

True patriots and democracy-loving people will remember the basis upon which the U.S. Government was founded and the Pledge of Allegiance that if I recall correctly includes “… with liberty and justice for all.”

Today in Iraq

What must we do to make the Chicano vote viable in these Congressional elections?

Good question. I will take it as question. It all becomes a lot less anxiety-ridden when we look at the whole situation as a people’s protracted war. It will take a long time but we do it one day at a time.

Urban Amerika will be the hardest nut to crack because of its diversity, complexity and the susceptibility of the general population to mass fascist propaganda.

We must first of all recognize the true nature of our enemies: they are fascist fiends hell bent on building up even further a global empire because of their addiction to corporate profits. We cannot do it alone. We have to start from our existential ‘here now’ and that will naturally vary with our geographical, social-political situation and level of liberated consciusness.


1. Build up and work with local vanguard elements with a focus on creating local communes or community centers. The people need to know of a place where they can go, where they can meet and from where they can launch local campaigns. If there is not a leading group, start one!

2. Continue to do the voter education and registration work mandatory to have any impact on upcoming elections. Register all people regardless of political party leanings. Don’t distract them with specifics if they cannot fathom the general big picture.

3. Network far and wide with other positive groups, make timed coalitions and forge alliances. Explain the general strategy to people as they need to know where we are going and how we proposed to get there. People always come and go, but try to harness local people’s power for the creation of community-oriented cadres who are here to stay ‘for the duration’.

Remember: factual analyses of actual conditions. We mobilize the people around their basic common survival needs, pending total liberation. Human beings are indeed an endangered speices.

This is off the top of my head. I gotta go now and help a family move into the local barrio-ghetto where I live and scare off any potential petty-criminal elements.

I appreciate your honesty. WE can do this! WE must be patient as we persevere and be motivated by our love, empathy and compassion for the people, ALL THE PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF ORIENTATION!

Yep, the Amerikan Fascists would love to have the decent American people to have selective amnesia. Mass mind control via Mass fascist propaganda. I guess people won’t believe it unless ovens are fired up! We already got not-so-secret prisons and hidden underground warehouses. Thanks for the reminders and I hope all of us take the time to check this animation out. It was cleverly done. ~ Peta

Concentration on the Coordination of Communications ~

The above subject line reads hefty but it is intrinsic to enhance our general global communications. Nothing replaces face-to-face eye-to-eye direct communications, but the Internet gives us a vast spectrum of websites, blogs, emails, videos, pod casting, chat rooms and Instant Messages. I am not savvy in the technical aspects of web designing nor do I wish to be.

I am just trying to transmit what is in my mind and what comes through me out to cyberspace in this Internet realm via this specific method of communication {a mere Email}.

Remember: the human eye resonates better with black type over a canary background, then, I am no Picasso… a crazy artist told me that long ago.

Depending on one’s Internet connection module, one takes only several seconds as to whether they want to check out a website or not. It’s like a strip show. Large print and bright colors are better. Blue and black backgrounds are out. Keep it cheerful like Los Colores!

We want to build up and develop our main website so that we can literally ‘be on the same page’. We want to have a central nexus for an Aztlannet Website that will have relevant links to other websites. I see it as becoming the center of a spider web on the Internet for Chicanos, Latinos and all peoples.

Many online groups degenerate into a Tower of Babel and many individuals suffer information overload while the masses remain ignorant in terms of not knowing about certain key subjects. We are ignorant of all that we do not know and if I think I know everything I can learn nothing. Mass education on a daily basis is the key for mass mobilization.

We need to think about thinking, learn about learning and educate ourselves about educating.

Have you read Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Freire? I met him once many moons ago at a small seminar at Sac State. We speak of true liberation by any means mandatory for its eventual success. It is a dynamic living open process, not a frozen set of conclusions.

“Liberation is thus a childbirth, and a painful one. The man or woman who emerges is a new person, viable only as the oppressor-oppressed contradiction is superseded by the humanization of all people. Or to put it another way the solution of this contradiction is born in the labor which brings into the world this new being: no longer oppressor nor longer oppressed, but human in the process of achieving freedom.”

From Link: Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Chapter One

The three (3) main stages of cognition:

1. Perception of the external world via our five ordinary sense organs: sight, hear, smell, taste and touch.

2. Conception after we accumulate enough perceptual data via our central processing unit {our brain}, then, we can conceive a thought, fathom an idea, develop a concept, advance a theory.

3. Action based upon our own perception and conception that makes our knowledge come alive through liberating social practice.

A cognitive process: I am thirsty, I want a drink of water and I reach out for the glass of water before me.

Action makes the frontline. I adhere to the basics of dialectical materialism, but I am not a communist in the classical sense. I do utilize the scientific method of dialectical materialism as an ideology of system of thinking, but I am not stuck on any one approach in my own analyses. However, I do buy into the solvency of socialist modes of human production as superior to corporate capitalism.

I speak here about the concentration on the coordination of communications. Many times people talk pass, over and other around each other and not really to each other. True dialogue in our communications is at least a two-way interchange and at max the tuning fork between a given leader and masses in an electro-magnetic force field.

Ideally, we aspire to maintain honest, open dialogue so that we can come together, reason together and reach common ground so that we agree on the elementary basics for forwarding our survival interests with a futuristic aim of total liberation from all forms of slavery.

Unfortunately, it is often our own character defects that form mental blocks for raising our own humane consciousness. That is humane with an ‘e’ at the end.

“The greatest brake has been our fear lest any appearance of formality might separate us from the masses and from the individual, which might make us lose sight of the ultimate and most important revolutionary aspiration: to see human beings liberated from their alienation.”

The truth is that if there is to be a liberation movement there must be a liberated consciousness beforehand. We can subjectively obtain this liberated consciousness and thereby free ourselves of all mental chains of enslavement.

“Discover the truth through practice, and again through practice verify and develop the truth.”

ON PRACTICE: July 1937 – Chairman Mao Tse-tung

Liberated consciousness grows upward in spirals of humane knowledge, not linear cycles.
Check it out:

The key is to remember is that it is the collective knowledge of the masses of people that constitute the true genius in human history, compared with our leaders who are often foolish and ignorant if not flying blind.

The U.S. economy is no longer a closed economy and is a part of the world economy. What happens in one-country impacts on all countries directly, indirectly or in the long run. We need to THINK GLOBALLY and ACT GLOBALLY! No country is an isolated island to itself.

All of us must come to truly understand that we are all living on the same planet Mother Earth and there is no ready replacement. This is it!

We will either learn to share the natural resources of Mother Earth or there is a very real possibility that human beings as a species of life will become extinct as homo-sapiens are already an endangered species. These are troubled times.

It is my hope that using Internet Power we can communicate with each other, find common ground and be able to work out any and all differences. We are united on the basis of our common survival needs: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and community education with a vision for liberation for all.

There are serious threats to Mother Earth that we must all recognize, address and try to respond to in a truly humane way.

I believe that the more input and feedback we get from gente the better. Plus, I am pleased that you are open to suggestions.

I am a serious advocate of giving the real news to people, letting them reach their own rational conclusions and raising a humane consciousness all along the way.

At times I will have a brief comment about a given news article and sometimes we have to frame the news with analyses so that people see the inner connections and interconnections in their own lives and situations with a global overview.

I am a stickler when it comes to website sources or URLs as it gives a post a certain authenticity. Just because it is in an Email post does not make it automatically true and many times evildoers use dis-information to divide and confuse people.


I know about text size and stuff. I am just thinking of others, esp. those with poor eyesight or the aged elderly, plus, I know that Internet surfers only take about 5 to 7 seconds to decide if they want to check out a given website or not.

WE are still usually ignored or neglected by the Main Stream Media AND the Alternative Media. However, there are some great Native-American websites. Whatever is clever, in all our Internet website building we must always keep in mind the priority of general literacy among all poor people and then computer literacy to hone their skills. Naturally, we always need more good writers, colorful artists and creative spirits who dare to care and dare to share! All of us have a story to tell, a poem to plea, a song to sing and a dance to dance!

The basics always remain the basics: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and community education. Overall, we need to build inner-city Communes so we can build up fortified bases of operations for our general empowerment.


I for one found this article interestingly timely. This is a key significant find. However, so many ‘gringo’ anthropologists {and I use that term lovingly} have a set belief system as to the origins of peoples that redundantly assumes the Bering Straits crossover way up north, but there have been rare finding thousands of years old in South America.

Look at an earth map and see how continents seem to interlock together, including South America and Africa. It is not that far fetched. Who dominates the field of anthropology? I myself have only known one Chicano anthropologist, Senon Valadez, who was a Professor at Sac Staet. In fact, I need to track him down if he is still breathing.

Of course, so much of our true history has been lost forever in terms of material evidences, not to mention what the Spanish Conquistadores burnt of the ‘codices’. So much has just gone up in ashes!

Related Links:

Book: Other Immigrants: The Global Origins of the American People
David M. Reimers

"While some social scientists write panicky articles about the 'changing face' of American immigration in the 21st century, historian David Reimers prefers the long view. His measured, nuanced history of black, Latino, and Asian immigration to the United States explains how, when, and why these groups came or were brought here. Shunning the Eurocentric perspective on migration to the United States, Reimers substitutes this rich chronicle that explains the contributions migrants of color made and continue to make to America's economy, society, and culture. Scholars must have it on their bookshelves; policy makers ought to, as well."
—Alan M. Kraut, American University


Books: Eduardo Galeano: Memory of Fire Trilogy
Translated by Cedric Belfrage
From pre-Columbian creation myths and the first European voyages of discovery and conquest to the Age of Reagan, here is "nothing less than a unified history of the Western Hemisphere... recounted in vivid prose."-The New Yorker
Nativo López: What’s Next for the Immigrant Rights Movement?: 06-30-2006

In many Latin American countries revolution is inevitable. This fact is not determined by the will of any person. It is determined by the horrifying conditions of exploitation under which the Latin American people live, the development of a revolutionary consciousness in the masses, the worldwide crisis of imperialism and the universal liberation movements of the subjugated nations. We shall begin from this basis to analyze the whole matter of guerrilla warfare in Latin America.

Speech to the United Nations: By Che Guevara

“We want to make clear once again that our concern for Latin America is based on the ties that unite us: the language we speak, the culture we maintain, and the common master we had. We have no other reason for desiring the liberation of Latin America from the U.S. colonial yoke. If any of the Latin American countries here decide to reestablish relations with Cuba, we would be willing to do so on the basis of equality, and without viewing that recognition of Cuba as a free country in the world to be a gift to our government. We won that recognition with our blood in the days of the liberation struggle. We acquired it with our blood in the defense of our shores against the Yankee invasion.”
Message to the Tricontinental

“The fundamental element of this strategic end shall be the real liberation of all people, a liberation that will be brought about through armed struggle in most cases and which shall be, in Our America, almost indefectibly, a Socialist Revolution.”

“Each spilt drop of blood, in any country under whose flag one has not been born, is an experience passed on to those who survive, to be added later to the liberation struggle of his own country.”

We may ask ourselves: how shall this rebellion flourish? What type will it be? We have maintained for quite some time now that, owing to the similarity of their characteristics, the struggle in Our America will achieve in due course, continental proportions. It shall be the scene of many great battles fought for the liberation of humanity.

“… the struggle in Our America will achieve in due course, continental proportions. It shall be the scene of many great battles fought for the liberation of humanity.”

“Our America… shall be the scene of many great battles fought for the liberation of humanity.”
I work with homeless addicts into recovery from drug addiction and am an advocate of humane rights ~ that’s humane with an ‘e’.

As Senor Hedricks wrote:

“Today it's more difficult to bridge the sometimes-conflicting approaches of political organizations representing diverse segments of the nation's 43 million-strong Latino population.”

No separate organization should want to have its own fiefdom and build up its own hierarchy over the masses of Latinos. We should be working in harmony with each other and come together on a common agenda with common priorities for our collective empowerment, but our own character defects and shortcomings often stand in the way.

Main Entry: hi·er·ar·chy
Pronunciation: 'hI-(&-)"rär-kE also 'hi(-&)r-"är-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -chies
Etymology: Middle English ierarchie rank or order of holy beings, from Anglo-French jerarchie, from Medieval Latin hierarchia, from Late Greek, from Greek hierarchEs
1 : a division of angels
2 a : a ruling body of clergy organized into orders or ranks each subordinate to the one above it; especially : the bishops of a province or nation b : church government by a hierarchy
3 : a body of persons in authority
4 : the classification of a group of people according to ability or to economic, social, or professional standing; also : the group so classified
5 : a graded or ranked series

I pray this organizational leadership plague will work itself out as we grow, expand and understand more about the principles of democratic centralism and are all led by humane democratic socialist principles, not mere mortals.
9/16/2006 10 PM
I joined Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group August 25th and shortly after was asked to become a Group Moderator by Companero Guillermo Bejarano the webmaster for the Aztlannet Website:

Absorb, absorb, absorb. Venceremos~ Peta

Lessons of the movement by Javier Rodriguez

Javiera> Mistakes Re: [Aztlannet_News] Lessons of the movement by Javier Rodriguez

Gracias Hermano Jarvier for sharing your analyses, as obscure as they were! Sharing is caring!

I am a 54-year old Chicano with a lifelong commitment to the liberation of all peoples and the main movement I am interested in is the People’s Liberation Movement that aims to topple the Amerikan Empire in the long run and survive while adhering to humane socialist principles under the present fascist disorder in the short-run.

I was born and raised in Sacramento. Other than a few years in Phoenix long ago I have been stationed up here in ‘el norte’. Still waters run deep. I am not privy to the petty power struggles and inner maneuvers that have taken place in regards to relations between the March 25th Coalition and Nativo Lopez of MAPA.

Is this dirty laundry? Do you speak for the March 25th Coalition? I have no idea who Sarah Knopp is, know the March 25th Movement got the Grande Marcha going along with many others in Los Angeles and the only NAIR I ever knew about removed unwanted hair.

Your movement musings seem disconnected and scattered out, especially as a lot of background is missing unless one is ‘in the know’. Nor do I think this is the best forum for your exhibition of these lessons. Some matters are best left for internal discussions among the parties and principals involved behind closed door with the idea of forging a strong united front based upon mutual respect and solvent solidarity.

Do you harbor resentment about not taking the job with Angelides? Who knows and who cares?

We should all be focusing on voter registration right now, along with our general community education work in our local communities! Time is sacred!

The main idea I got from your post seems to be a criticism of Companero Nativo Lopez as a Lone Ranger and his perception by many as ‘the leader’ of the Immigrant Rights Movement.

If you have not noticed, we need vanguard leadership and we should earnestly work to cultivate new cadres! Is there egotism and individualism there between you and Compa Nativo?

However, since you opened up this can of serpents via this little Email, let me stress to you that now more than ever we need to have strong unity based upon humane principles, a common agenda and continue working together being honest, open and willing to learn from the lessons and mistakes of the past in order to guide future projects.

Be of a brave heart. Faint hearts never win decisive battles and the People’s War goes on!

No one has a monopoly on the Movimiento and certainly no one has the corner on the truth. Our is not the only way to liberation, ours is another way.

Ultimately, direct action makes the frontlines and we ask permission from no one to wage our struggles for liberation!

Remember the story of the crabs in the open barrel at Fisherman’s Wharf? Why pull anyone down to get ahead?
Creed Of The Dreamkeepers~~ "If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.... But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together." ~ Australian Aboriginal Elder Lilla Watson
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win Together!
Peta de Aztlan
Email: sacranative{at}
Sacramento, Califas
Then, for future reference, I blogged this:
As a Ministry, I work with homeless addicts seeking recovery with a progressive Christian recovery group called CASA at the local Salvation Army Shelter and have been doing this for going on 10 years. We have a new Yahoo Group hardly used and a blog.

I am sensitive to the character defects, resentments and expectations in others and myself with an eye for continued real spiritual growth.. I think the 12-Steps have universal applicability to people in general.

Remember: the Internet and the capacity of people to utilize Internet Power to reach out to others, to exchange ideas, to create dialogue and foster general discussions is a relatively new capacity in our lifetime and we are now in the 3rd Millennium.

We do not and cannot know exactly where it is all headed, but it has revolutionized communications among peoples that crosses borders, lands and oceans.

Be sure that the present evil Bush Regime hates the idea of all these folks who can afford a basic computer and Internet connection or have Internet Access actually utilizing our humane right to Freedom of Speech!

A hot issue in the minds of many Latinos-Chicanos and our humane friends of many different cultural backgrounds worldwide is of course the whole immigration rights issue.

Join Up!

Check out>>>National Immigrant Solidarity Network

Read>>> Interview with Nativo López:
What’s Next for the Immigrant Rights Movement?: 06-30-2006

We need real care, true concern and humane compassion for all of us who are all of humankind. The same great sun shines on us all and the same moon in the night sky helps light up the night. We should be working on building bridges to bring all peoples closer together, not setting up armed walls to keep people divided. Indeed, we are all one!!!

Nowadays, the Bush Rogue Regime exploits its War on Terror as a Weapon of Mass Distraction to re-direct public opinion away from where is really going on.

Meanwhile, many suffer the real life terrors of going hungry, enduring poverty and are really living from hand to mouth inside the richest country in the world. WE are already under a mature fascism and have been for decades!!!

The fascist pigs are just showing their fangs in more bold blatant ways. If it were up to Puppet-Fuhrer Bush he would pull the plug as soon as he could find it and blame it on al-Qaeda. Many Amerikans are still sound asleep.

My true confession is that I am a recovering alcohol/drug addict with about ten years off crank and over two years off alcohol. I am more sensitive than most to the inner character defects, personal shortcomings and inner demons of people, especially as I work on my own humane character development on a daily basis. Iron sharpens iron.

In my street ministry work I help with a Christian recovery group called CASA at the local Salvation Army. It helps me stay humble and in touch with what is really going on with street people:
and Blog:

As a result of my propensity towards addiction {which really can be defined as devotion} I still have a tendency to have OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, especially in terms of trying to be precise, trying to be thorough and trying to communicate as complete as I can and am never satisfied.

It bugs me when I am mis-understood and mis-interpreted by others. Then,m to be fair, who can fully understand the ragged wounded warrior who first came out of the bushes by the river some years back?!?

Sometimes I am not sure what came first: the addictive nature or the disorder. I know I have lived life before and am some suspicions on what and whom I was going by what has happened to me in this lifetime and a few sages I have met.

I was going to Sac City College but this semester could not even afford my school books so I will try next semester. I mainly go for the educational environment.

Sacra City Website:

We should try to communicate more with each other including Instant Messages and I need to work more on podcasting and can call out for free via my cell phone anywhere inside the United States.

My life pretty much revolves around the relevancy of a rational revolution by any means mandatory. I long ago gave up my quest for mere individualistic happiness in the hopes of bettering our collective situation as a whole. True living to me is living for others.

I am balanced, centered and focused… just for today. Tomorrow we’ll see! At times my personal life gets chaotic and madness creeps around, especially in my inter-actions with others around me on an existential plane.
Sunday, June 18, 2006
On the Role of Humane Beings in the Immigrant Rights Movement: 6-18-06
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
06/06/2006: On Chicanos and the Old Chicano Movement!
By Peta de Aztlan
Sunday, April 16, 2006
On the Spiritual Awakening of La Raza Cosmica:
Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006
Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Chapter One
Click and Download> Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents
Che Guevara Archive

9-19-2006 High Noon
The immigrant rights marches so far this year helped to wake up a lot of people and gave great inspiration to many souls worldwide, including further awakening many Chicano leaders and activists, but the primary leadership must come from immigrants themselves.

We know a lot of Mexican immigrants came out of the shadows ~ or better out from under the sun ~ in the past marches and the recent lack of participation by them is understandable. As always, there needs to be strong strucuted political vehicles to ensure their safety and a re-newed sanctuary movement.

We are positioned to have a good influence on global events worldwide as long as we link our continued struggles with the on-going struggles of all who love liberty and all positive liberation movements in Our Americas. This is not just rhetoric; this is mandatory for our collective strategic empowerment.

“While we was together, we -- every evening, we used to have these dialectical discussions, and one of our main discussions was on why progressive movements have always started with such a bang and then end in such a frizzle. And we kept coming up with that we allowed our petty differences to stop us from working together.”
Malik Rahim, New Orleans community activist, co-founder of the Common Ground Collective and veteran of the Black Panther Party.

From Democracy Now! Interview: Monday, August 28th, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Our Word Is Our Weapon
Selected Writings of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Once the intelligent commander understands the general strategy the set of tactics applicable to his situation are a product of his imagination alone. Many times it is a constant creative improvising in fluid situations. One is devoid of a crystal ball or flawless psychic. 20x20 hindsight is far easier to have than 20x20 foresight.

After the successes of Che Hugo, Che Evo and the near success of Che Amlo we can clearly see the promises and problems of general participation in electoral politifcs.
Thus, we should see the validity of our involvement in electoral politics keeping in mind the old adage that politics is war without blood and war is politics with bloodshed. Sometimes one area spills over into another and fine lines get blurred by blood.

Understand the totality of combat: all tactics, all lines, all angles and all trajectories! Public candidates wage political campaigns, have war chests and win, lose or draw.

So now we see the urgency of doing voter education and registration among all our people, especially to tilt the November Elections in our favor. A U.S. citizen who supports immigrant rights has a double responsibility to get out the vote for those of us who are undocumented non-U.S. citizens and therefore not eligible to vote. These are the kinds of things some of us should have been doing for decades!!

Circumstances change in time, space and terrain.

What were we all doing on the night of New Year’s Eve 1993?

I remember I was out partying and getting drunk with my gente! The next day my homeboy Jose Martel and I woke up ‘crudo’ and we staggered over to the local liquor store for more ammo to drink! Then, I saw the front page of the Sacramento Bee on the newsstand and actually bought the paper about the Zapatista Uprising!!!

Now that was an occasion for more drinkin’ and political discussions!
From The Zapatista Uprising

On New Year's Eve, 1993, the Mexican state of Chiapas was thrust upon the international scene as the Zapatista guerrilla army simultaneously seized control of the colonial city of San Cristóbal de las Casas and 5 towns in the surrounding Chiapas highlands. Though this immediately calls to mind the recent conflicts of neighboring Central America, the Zapatistas showed a much greater degree of organization and military strength in their first action than had the FSLN in Nicaragua, the FMLN in El Salvador, or the URNG in Guatemala. And unlike most of the Central American guerrilla organizations, their rank and file are composed almost exclusively of teenagers and young adults from the ethnic Mayan groups of the highlands.

What at second glance appears to be another ethnic conflict in a decade of ethnic strife around the world, is both that and more. The roots of the struggle do indeed spring from the history of marginalization and racism to which the Mayan Indians have been subject, but their Declaration of War and other statements clearly reach out to the poor of all ethnic groups across the length and breadth of greater Mexico. With a greater understanding of the cultural and social nuances of Chiapas this and other paradoxes begin to make sense.
So nowadays I stay sober, stay ready and am prepared for whatever next may come. For sure, life’s changes and challenges have humbled me and I know that humility helps one to advance!

Fidel stated after Che Guevara's death, "There will be many Ches!" Che is really an Argentine term for 'buddy' that I read many Argentine people use to refer to each
each other. It is just that Che Guevara, who's proper name was actually Dr. Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna, popularized the term as his nickname.

Have you read the African Dream and somewhat veiled critcisim by others about it? Why did Che Guevara leave Cuba?A lot of it had to do with his running afoul of the old Soviets and this had a negative influence on fragile Cuban-Soviet relations at the time {Cuba was dependent on Soviet aid to a large extent}, esp. Che Guevara's thesis about moral incentives versus material incentives. History proved Che Guevara was correct in the long run in favor of moral incentives.

I know all my heroes are dead and I cannot worship any man. I do worship my Creator as I see humans as creatures of the Creator, but then we stumble upon atheists lying on the road....

We should continue to support Companero Marcos and I wish all the Zapatistas well in their/our struggles.
We should be aware of any propensity for any kind of character assassination upon leadership and beware of any backwater gossiping harmful to unity, though tribal gossip can have positive aspects!
Regrettably, Subcomandante Marcos is not in on this now broken thread and I wonder what his response would be? Probably a clever witticism about combat boots on a chess table.....

Today I gotta go see my Sister Linda who recently had a ruptured appendix and is recuperating out of the hospital. Then, there is suppose to be a meeting of Galeria Posada Exec Board at 5:30 PM that should issue some sparks {part of the old Royal Chicano Air Force clan}.

Blessings and Prayers, Che Peta
Companero Alfredo Lopez has written a great and timely article and I will check out the website more in the future. I understand about alienation:

“In capitalist society individuals are controlled by a pitiless law usually beyond their comprehension. The alienated human specimen is tied to society as a whole by an invisible umbilical cord: the law of value…..

The greatest brake has been our fear lest any appearance of formality might separate us from the masses and from the individual, which might make us lose sight of the ultimate and most important revolutionary aspiration: to see human beings liberated from their alienation.”
From: Che Guevara Socialism and Man in Cub

A lot of life has to do with keeping a living, moving and breathing balance, as we are triune beings in the mind-body-soul trinity. We need to combine our online work on the Internet with offline community education work out in our local communities and inline work in spiritual meditation in order not to be mere arm-chair revolutionists.

Of course, some people have physical disabilities and geographical limitations for which the Internet functions as an ‘outreach tool’. Nevertheless, we should be open to sharing our thoughts with others without being paranoid about what others may think of us. No one has the market on truth and each of us has our own version of the truth in connected reality. For me, the Creator is truth and I still do not have a complete definition of the Creator, but I am a believer!

Thus, we share our thoughts, our experiences and our inner reflections with others in the hope that someone somewhere ‘out there’ in cyber space will reverberate with our truth and it strikes a clean chord of clarity.

Blessings and Prayers ~ Tu Amigo Peta
Gracias Companero Eugene ~ At least I do not feel that I am completely wasting my time posting articles online, as sometimes I do. We always need to keep in mind the work to be done for general literacy and computer-Internet literacy.

Working online with Aztlannet has inspired me to continue the work in this field. I do believe that sharing is caring so I will take the liberty to share this Email with others in our groups.

There is a key qualitative difference between being a repeater and being a real reporter who goes out in the field on-site with his tools and gets the fresh news. I wish we had real reporters that could transmit stuff to us from the borderlands and from Chicanos who are located in various spots in Aztlan inside the continental U.S.A.: Dallas and El Paso, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; Albuquerque, N.M.; and all others big and small places where we have a concentration of La Raza/Latinos peoples.

I identify with the native-indigenous term Aztlan as an ancient meaning simply 'our land' as it is more accurate than America, which was named by Amerigo Vespucci who was an Italian ship navigator.

Key Link:

I am a real actual Chicano, not a virtual Chicano. I am of a 'lost tribe' abandoned by the Mexican government when it was under the gun with the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, left behind stranded in a hostile racist society and forced to survive by means necessary between two distinct cultures still an alien in my own way.

Sometimes I share stuff about my personal life so that people do not get the idea that I am a stuffy middle-class Mexican-American or Hispanic with a monkey-suit and tie. I gotta deal with basic survival issues and day-to-day problems that come up, but I am striving to rid myself of all forms of individualism that separate me from the masses.

I am blessed being an in-home health care worker and being able to do the real work I feel needs to be done. I do local community work offline out in the community in different areas and have learned to distinguish between wage-slave work and the real social work that needs to be done. Of course, the non-existent pay sucks, but liberation pedagogy has its own rewards.

In connected reality, there will be no separate Chicano nation nor should there be. We should build up towards full and complete integration within the continental United States and in harmony with all the peoples of Mother Earth. We should strive for complete integration at all levels in all spheres of human activity.

We cannot go back into the womb and seek to avoid the tomb. We must make our own world best we can with what is before us HERE NOW. Our people ~ La Raza Cosmica ~ were never ever met to be part of Amerika!

Aztlan Is A Spiritual Concept, an Ideational Concept
By Virtual Chicano

I believe that via Internet Power we can give people the news, offer our analyses of the news and respect their native intelligence enough to let them come to their own rational conclusions about current events. Indeed, the truth will help set us free!

Chicanos are a key element in the global-wide people’s liberation war, not just with immigrant rights but also with the struggles for humane rights, proportional democracy and social liberation worldwide. Many of us are still sound asleep in denial and do not even know who they are in these troubled times. Thus, raising consciousness should be a constant way of being, thinking and doing for all humane beings.

The USA has a broken representational democracy controlled by the super-rich elites, not a true proportional democracy that really represents our numbers in the general population. Fine words of ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and ‘liberty’ are used by enemy-propagandists so much in a set-up context that they have lost the impact of their true meanings. Thus, we must combat the mass-psychology of fascism on public opinion ~aka corporate-capitalist opinion..

Read> The Mass Psychology of Fascism: Third Edition
by Wilhelm Reich

I am learning more about the great potential of Internet Power in order to reach out to other peoples, especially on a global scale. We need to let other peoples know that we stand against the insanity of the Iraq-nam War and all the other insanities that are promulgated by the Bush rogue regime.

I am not hiding. I have been in this same corrupt capitol city of Sacramento for over half a century. We have more brands and types of fascist pigs agencies here than anyplace else but Washington D.C. All of us must come out of the shadows of our fear and ignorance and bask in the sunlight of faith and intelligence. The world can be ours, but we must seize the time!

Aztlannet Website URL=
The Links page is one of the most informational webpages on the website:

Latino News Link and recommend its inclusion>


1. We should consider opening up Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group so that we can get more members and more of an open forum without having to get approval to Join Up!

2. We should have direct Emails for all the people who work with this website on the website without anyone having to click here and there to find it in order to us to be feedback from gente.

I am a contributor to the De Tod@as Para Tod@as Blog managed by Companero Cesar Soriano on the Internet @ that I want to help promote. Cesar has about 12 years experience as a Computer Programmer and is in Los Angeles.

Check out a recent blogpost:

We should know that the more our central website URL is posted and activated on other websites, blog comments and such then the more Google will pick it up to be included in web searches. It’s cyber-electricity and HTML magnetism.

Main Entry: feed·back
Pronunciation: 'fEd-"bak
Function: noun
1 : the return to the input of a part of the output of a machine, system, or process (as for producing changes in an electronic circuit that improve performance or in an automatic control device that provide self-corrective action)
2 a : the partial reversion of the effects of a process to its source or to a preceding stage b : the transmission of evaluative or corrective information about an action, event, or process to the original or controlling source; also : the information so transmitted
3 : a rumbling, whining, or whistling sound resulting from an amplified or broadcast signal (as music or speech) that has been returned as input and retransmitted

I will say this a zillion times so get use to it. We must concentrate on the coordination of communications between all of us who are online so that our many voices can be stronger and reverberate throughout Aztlan, around the world and beyond! Those of us on the Internet have become a kind of petty-bourgeois high-tech caste and need to always reach out to others.
Hola Todo Mi Familia ~
Sabbath, Septiembre 23, 2006 @11:33 AM

She is associated with Derechos Humanos:

Contact Information:
Derechos Humanos
631 South Sixth Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85702-1286
800-682-4280 (AZ only)

Contact: Luis Judiz, (520) 270-7765 (Spanish)
Alexis Mazón, (520) 390-1604 (English)
Email= alexismazon@yahoo,com
Information on Tucson, Arizona

The Tucson area has been inhabited for at least 12,000 years because of the protective mountains and the Santa Cruz River. Much evidence has been unearthed -- the remains of pit houses and adobe huts -- that the Hohokam occupied the area 1,000 to 1,500 years ago before mysteriously vanishing from the region.

Father Eusebio Kino first visited the region in the late 1600s and he found the Tohono O'odham (Pima) Indians living and farming in the vicinity near or Chuk Shon (Tucson, meaning "village of the spring at the foot of the black mountain"), and in 1700 he established several missions in the area, including Mission San Xavier del Bac, 15 miles from the modern city.

The "Old Pueblo" has lived under four flags (Spanish, Mexican, Confederate and US)… Tucson became known as a rowdy frontier town, tempered by social refinements brought by the city settlers. Shootouts took place frequently and men rarely ventured unarmed onto the streets. Still, the town prospered. By the early 1800s the population was over 7,000. Tucson lay in the territory that was acquired from Mexico by the United States in the Gadsden Purchase of 1854, and the town served as the territorial capital of Arizona from 1867 to 1877.
Each day and night Amerikan Fascism is more and more militarizing the U.S.-Mexican border and unjust violence disguised as ‘collateral damage’ against innocent civilians is as predictable as nightfall. It is merely a matter of time, space and terrain.

Fascist propaganda takes many forms and it has been around for a long time. It involves military repression, that is, the propaganda of bombs and bullets, yet it also includes a lot of psychological repression and self-repression. Thus, we repress ourselves, we repeat what was originally fascist disinformation, then, we waste time responding to original lies, especially when we ape the knee-jerk reactions of what is basically a reactionary mentality in reactive response to the cognitive build-in self-policing that wrecks havoc against our free natural expression. Did I lose you here?

It all involves the desire for and fear of the truth, the desire for and fear of freedom, the desire for and fear of a truly humane revolutionary consciousness. We are subjected to the mass psychology of fascism and it bombards us with the vomits of its corporate media. Then, good loyal slaves that we are we pass on and repeat their twisted perverted lies!

What if there never would have been a Cuban Revolution, despite mistakes that have happened? It would still be the whorehouse and gambling den for rich Amerikan tourists! Companeros Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales are our new Ches! Of course they have long been targeted for CIA-Illuminati assassinations! Let us never ever ever forget Companero Allende de Chili!

Believe it or not, Internet Power among millions of people has been a big brake on the designed killing fields of the Amerikan Empire. Remember there are already thousands of captured hostages in Amerika’s secret prisons overseas!

Related Links:

The Jim Mullen Foundation (Suburban Rosemont)
9450 Bryn Mawr Ave.
Suite 520
Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 233-9880 Office/TTY
(847) 233-9884 Fax
Please Note (Observe Por Favor)
We only send computers within the USA. (Enviamos solamente las computadoras dentro de los E.E.U.U..)
The Jim Mullen foundation provides computers to people with disabilities or special needs. Due to overwhelming response to our program we have formed an alliance with another organization, PCs for Schools ( ).

Manny's 'accident' is another example of the harmful effects of drug addiction. Whether one is 'high' or 'loaded' at the time of a tragic event it is also the whole life-style with its behavior patterns that usually brings about one kind of downfall or another.

For the recovering addict positive change should be an on-going way of living, of growing and blossoming in life. Life is a series of changes and the changes that we go through are usually the results of our own decisions. Thus, we should make wise sober decisions.

True sobriety is not limited to mere physical sobriety, but includes being sober-minded. Alas, 20x20 hindsight is often a clear revelation. We need to have the foresight that comes from learning from our past mistakes.

I am sure we have both seen many people with their ups and downs around Sally's for several years now. So many become chronic homeless-types and near hopeless street drug addicts. The needs always overwhelm the resources, including family and individual counseling.

In many ways, traditional methods of drug addiction treatment have not worked. We should explore other alternative treatment methods, including what I term progressive recovery.

Progressive recovery involves the recognition of objective oppressive conditions that drive people to escape from those conditions via dope and/or booze. If these oppressive conditions, such as a dysfunctional homelife, bad marriage or many other sad situations, are not duly recognized and changed then until they are or we are out of those set conditions they can continue to drive us to distraction in the form of drunkenness or dope fiend ways.

Plus, if the motivating character defects that brought about drug addiction are not corrected, then, this dark disease will continue to haunt us and jeopardize any tempoary period of sobriety. Well.. don't let me start preaching to the choir.

These are just a few things I have learned outside of the class room setting. I feel and know that all these years I have worked with CASA and gone through my own self-made hells have been of immense benefit. It has all resulted in my acquirement of a degree of personal knowledge about drug addiction and related 'issues in question'.

In a way, it was not even about the dope all along that brought about our eventual and predicatable downfall.

Many present day problems are rooted in our 'family of origin', our early adolescent years and our ways of coping with life in our adulthood.

Blessings and Prayers ~ Tu Amigo Peta

Join Up!
CASA Blog:

The Meaning of "Namaste"

“…The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra… This is an especially deep form of respect… Namaste allows two individuals to come together energetically to a place of connection and timelessness, free from the bonds of ego-connection. If it is done with deep feeling in the heart and with the mind surrendered, a deep union of spirits can blossom…”

Hola Citizen ‘Wily’ Smiley ~ I am glad to know you are still among the living and have avoided the insidious IEDs on the side roads of urban Amerika. We go back a few years online and I recall you would come out with some interesting posts and fascinating scoops, giving many of us ‘food for thought’ and ‘meaningful munchies’!

It seems many of our seeds and warnings about what I term ‘Amerikan Fascism’ are beginning to bear fruit in the consciousness of more and more people, though, many of our fellow citizens are still deep in slumber as the sky continues falling. A lot of the believe-it-or-not stuff ain’t as far-fetched as some use to think back then.

Time itself is moving faster, actually moving faster, in a kind of time-space continuum as events constantly unfold and consciousness spirals upwards. Indeed, I hold that time is the quintessence of all the ‘stuff’ in the cosmos and time itself is sacred.

I have ventured further in my Spiritual Growth and have learned a few things about better utilizing Internet Power online by reaching out to others far and wide while keeping a fine balance by getting involved in local community work offline and being inline in personal meditation. A lot of the work to be done is actually an ‘inside job’ of working on ourselves. I strive to become more and more humane on a daily basis. I still hate evil and condemn evildoers like the fascist foul fool in the Oval Office Cabal.

Good Wholistic Health To You ~ Peta de Aztlan

Hola Sister Paula ~ Thanks for posting. I am glad it was finally approved after all these years. I want to read the Master Plan! It will be interesting to see how it is implemented. I will try to remember to check if there is an article about it in the Sac Bee tomorrow.

I suspect I know a few of the usual public inebriates. Only a small handful have cost the city a lot of money in city services, such as, the bumble-bee mall patrol, the paddy wagon and then going to CATC aka: De-Tox. I am against long-term jail for public drunkenness, but something must be done for those who are bent on slow motion suicide with their continued drinking. Remember I use to work at De-Tox.

Our Brother Manny {Indian Manny aka Chief} was hit by a car late last week while on his bike by Sally’s and is at the UCD Intensive Care Unit. I went to go see him for a bit today.

I went by Loaves and Fishes today for a bit to check it out and take time out to consider my personal blessings in life. I hope to see you soon.
~Prayers and Blessings, Peta

Hyatt tomorrow morning to volunteer for Shift #2 from 10am-3pm.

Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group Home Page
Related Link:
Post message:

Related Weblink=
California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Contact Information=
770 L Street, Suite 900
Sacramento, CA 95814
Main: 916.444.2221
Fax: 916.669.2870

Hyatt Regency Sacramento
1209 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 443-1234

Gracias Olga y Todo ~ I called Hermana Monica to RSVP and plan to go check it out. Then, I Googled the Angelides Official Site and had to dig into it to find information about his position in regards to ‘illegal immigration’. It would have been nice if you had included this information with your original Email.

Plus, Join Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group if you have not already done so. So many of us are unhooked, disorganized and scattered out, especially in our different interests groups, social-political organizations and our communications online, let alone out in our local communities!

Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group Home Page
Related Link:
Post message:

To be realistic I doubt if Latinos will make a decisive different in the coming November Elections, though, I remain optimistic about the long-term future role of Latinos in electoral politics and our collective involvement in general politics inside the United States and throughout all the Americas!

It is not state secret that there is a great void and vacuum of vanguard leadership, organizational structures and general communications among Latinos inside the United States. We are so rich, diverse and complex that no one blanket term describes us all as a unique people upon Mother Earth!

I keep an undying faith and believe these huge gaps and great divides will all gradually, sometimes monumentally, improve as time goes by with our own personal efforts, great sacrifices and continued liberation movements. The basis of mass mobilization remains face-to-face meetings, community gatherings and direct communications, along with high-tech media devices, but nothing replaces the personal touch. Cesar Chavez taught us all that!

The Angelides policy on illegal immigration is the same naïve white liberal one spouted by others that will not work in connected reality. It may be digestible for sympathetic white middle-class voters during an election campaign and it might look tangible on paper but it will not work in the context of present-day class society divided as it is between the its two main classes: the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. Recall: the last round of Congressional reform created new forms of reaction and repression!

Hungry desperate human beings who have risked their lives and fortunes to cross the Mexican-U.S. border as undocumented immigrants will not sheepishly turn themselves into a crooked pathway to citizenship with no guarantees and get into the back of an imaginary line when they are already HERE NOW!

For all the descendants of the ancient owners of these lands I call Aztlan there must be a complete general amnesty, period! Complete general amnesty is the only sane, humane and workable solution to the immigration problem. Nothing less than complete general amnesty will work. It simply will not work. What do you propose we do with the odd 12 million plus unauthorized migrants already inside the continental United States HERE NOW?!?

The recent low turnout of Mexican immigrants in the recent immigrant marches and rallies should be a key psycho-social indicator for all movement leadership. We have not done our basic homework in our own barrios among our own people and in solidarity with all oppressed people with whom we share common survival interests. Brown-skinned American citizens do not need to be in constant dread of deportation. It’s all about protracted war, not just a great march

To open a can of serpents, the whole immigration debate and other ‘issues in questions’ hinges on the whole question of territorial integrity and national sovereignty for the United States and Mexico. A liberated people have no borders. Even the racist right-wing xenophobic immigrant bashers know what is really at stake!

Relevant Link: America's Immigration Quandary: No Consensus on Immigration Problem or Proposed Fixes

After I volunteer at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Convention at the Hyatt Downtown tomorrow, I hope to be allowed in to check out what Angelides has to say. I wish him well, but time will tell. I wonder if this is not the lesser-of-two evils quandary again for us!

Most California voters are whites and most whites, at least on a subconscious subliminal level, are racists in varying degrees. Do the math, connect the dots and fix the pieces together and it will be no puzzle maze.

Actually I would love to see Companera Delores again as I missed her at Sac City College last week. She is a rare humane being, shining example and one of the best of us all with her love, drive and compassion.

General Amnesty for Immigrants!
Liberation Now!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
Sacramento, California. US of A
Relevant Link= Angelides: Illegal Immigration

"O. Teresa" wrote:

Last week I attended at meeting where Dolores Huerta, young Latino activists, Royal Chicano Air Force members, local civil rights leaders and myself thought of ways to bring our voice and support to Phil Angelides. We came to one conclusion...."con Phil Angelides si se puede!"

We are tired of Arnold disrespecting Latina women with his words and actions and denying our working families and our children their place at the the table of society through education and honest wages. We need to let others know that Phil Angelides knows our community very well and is loyal to our causes and issues of concern. We want Phil Angelides as our Governor. As Governor Angelides he will call off the National Guard from the border. Phil is in FULL support of drivers licenses for the undocumented. Phil is opposed to forced repatriation of millions of undocumented workers and he prefers that our children to seek higher education and not the option of military enlistment to pay for school or as a means of "expedited" citizenship.

We are being asked to give our expertise, opinion, and support to the outreach that the Angelides campaign is focusing on Latino issues and the Latino community.

We are being asked to give our input on what we know to be urgent issues for our Latino community as it relates to the vision that Treasurer Phil Angelides has as our future Governor of California. The campaign has requested this involvement from us for many months now but with little response from us.... we can no longer remain silent.

Please join Dolores, myself and others and bring your voice to a meeting that will be held Thursday
September 28th at 6:00 PM at the Angeldies campaign headquarters located at 1331 21st Street, Sacramento, CA. Please call Monica Henestroza at (916) 448-1998 to RSVP.

Time is of the essence.... many of our people can not vote due to legal status.... they wish they could but can not. Let us bring a voice to this meeting in their name. Let us vote in their name and in the name of our ancestors. Muchisimas gracias.

"Si se puede!"

Olga Trevizo
After Midnight Sabbath Morning ~ Keep in mind that our personal perspectives will vary and differ with our psycho-social connected realities on a geo-political existential level. No one but I can see through my eyes and I am intrinsically independent not tied to any political party.

I know the two-headed monster of the Democratic/Republican Party dominates electoral politics in Amerika, but the divide-and-conquer formula works both ways, especially when there are operating political vacuums and other ‘issues in question’. Liberation is a process, not a final conclusion.

For starters, I wish all of us would centralize our online communications. Join the Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group as an online forum for general discussions. Are you reading this Sister Olga and Oct29 List Members? Sad, we cannot even get into the same online group together, let alone reason the truth together for the sake of unity based upon shared positions and principles, even if we agree to disagree on some matters.

Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group Home Page
Related Link:

I love and respect Companero Camejo and appreciate many of the Green Party positions. However, he is not a real winnable candidate and he has no illusions about actually winning. Democratic Candidate Angelides has the best chance of actually winning among the candidates running for Governor of California. I do not want to see Bush-buffoon Arnold S. win again!

Politics is still war without bloodshed. The Green Party and other independent candidates may win on the local level but in a big election for high office it would be impossible in these reactionary times. Do the math, connect the dots and think outside the ballot box.

Over the years, Latinos (including Mexicans, Hispanics and Chicanos) have not gone into the Green Party en masse and have historically been Democrats for generations. There is no cohesive U.S. left-wing movement or a strong leading progressive party that can swing national elections. We need to start looking at the body politic, not only the wings!

Inside the United States, there is no single strong Third Party emerging on the horizon in the near future or beyond. A loose collection of vanguard elements with common interests can together form a collective voting machine on a transitory basis. The kaleidoscope of Amerika is the most diverse and divided country in human history.

The majority of the votes can win an election unless it is a rigged-fraudulent election and/or a quasi-legal coup-d-etat, then, politics can be transformed into war with bloodshed along with regime change and a provisional government. In essence, it is still the ballot or the bullet!

The vanguard ideal is to help guide the people through these learning experiences so that they will eventually question the whole basis of state power. We need to fathom the concept of strategic empowerment in the context of a protracted people’s war. We should look and plan ahead to 2008 and beyond!

Relevant Links=
Phil Angelides ~ Democrat for Governor
Peter Camejo ~ Green Party Candidate for Governor
General Election Date = November 7th, 2006
Sacra County: Registering to Vote

People must be registered to vote 15 days prior to an election! We should register the eligible voters we can for November 7th and work on getting out the vote on November 7th, 2006 TOGETHER!!!
Liberation Now!!!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta

Companero Richard ~ I think we need to come out and actively recruit the so-called minority community to support Phil Angelides as Democrat for Governor, not just throw out a link with a zillion Emails addresses without elaboration.

Remember: Latinos are now the largest so-called minority inside the United States. On a global scale non-White Third World peoples of Latin America, Africa and Asia are the definite majority of the people upon planet Earth! WE are the majority of the world's peoples! We should not throw away the advantage we already have in sheer numbers in terms of billions of human beings!

La Raza Cosmica ~ Chicanos, Mexicanos and indigenous native peoples of the United States ~ are the true original owners of these lands I call Aztlan. We should not throw away the power of our potential unity for a few casinos!

Now we are so integrated into the general population that any thought of a separate Chicano Nation is Aztlan is insane and counter-revolutionary. Even in terms of reparations for past injustices it would never be enough. We should not be satisfied with a mere piece of the putrid pie. We want the whole bakery and the land beneath it! These lands are our lands!!!

Many peoples of various origins have contributed to the making of this land of tears called Amerika, including our White skinned brothers and sisters. We must demand our fair share of the fruits of our labors upon these lands and the lands themselves!!!

White racism still remains a major obstacle to unity among all progressive peoples and all remnants of racism against any other race or ethnic group must be eradicated amongst us. The concept of a separate race of people itself is a man-made one as a social construction. We are of the entire human race of homo-sapiens.

How many Chicanos still refer to Black people as 'mayates' {a beetle pest in the cotton fields, as in Arizona} amongst themselves? Racism becomes second nature!

The so-called WHITE LEFT-WINGERS will never come out in support of Latino issues as Latinos themselves can. Only Latinos themselves can bring about any real Latino Liberation and contribute our portion to the overall liberation struggle in unity with all peoples.

As Latinos, we are primarily responsible for our own liberation. We must be self-reliant about that in all our liberation efforts and we cannot sit around waiting for Jesus Christo as we die in the streets, fields and deserts!

Amerikan fascism and the racist xenophobic U.S. Congress is already fencing us all in and it will get worse as time goes by. Connected reality cannot be long ignored.

Congress OKs 700 miles of fence on border with Mexico

We should continue to utilize all legal peaceful means and methods of struggles but none of us should be under any illusions or hallucinations about what it will take for the actual seizure of state power!

We must oppose the insanity of the Iraq war and stand up against the continued Amerikan Occupation. And the Bush rogue regime wants more troops! All U.S. troops over there are already pain hired killers, programmed mercenaries and should be exposed as such before public opinion. Heroes do not fight in unjust wars. They all joined and were not drafted. And I don't care if Pancho can't get a job at McDonald's. You don't join the Enemy Army!

We will need to de-program them when and if they come back and at least neutralize as many as we can so that they do not end up in opposition to our own liberation efforts. The key for raising consciousness is basic community education for all of us. We must know who are friends and enemies are and not split hairs amongst ourselves about who is more left-wing than who in shades of green as we argue intricacies of ideology!

Be bold, be brave and know that the truth is our greatest weapon!!!!!

Liberation Now!!!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
Sat Night @9:49 PM
Hola Cybele Y Todo Mi Familia ~ I get notices from Brother Harvey Arden and respect him for all his good work on behalf of Leonard Peltier and all of us. One time he even sent me the book Have You Thought Of Leonard Peltier Lately? when I was staying in the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter and I will always remember how it brightened up my gloomy day.

I have been an advocate of Freedom for Leonard Peltier for years now and know what must ultimately be done to free him and all other prisoners wrongfully caged in Amerika’s concentration camps!

As a golden rule, a real relevant revolution is the violent overthrow of the ruling class by the oppressed classes starving beneath it led by their vanguard elements and supported by the active participation of the wide masses of the people. Revolution is against the law, it is treason and it is punishable by death under the fascist corporate state and there have been no lasting peaceful revolutions in human history.

Even revolutions that have obtained state power and created liberated territory via electoral politics came after long hard decades of class civil war and armed violence. In a given nation, such as Cuba, there has only been the success of partially liberated territory, but it cannot develop its economy to its fullest underneath the global hegemony of corporate capitalism. Look at the U.S. Guantanamo Naval Base on Cuban land! Look at Bolivia and Venezuela! These were hardly peaceful societies before and they are all still in jeopardy with Latin-nam on the horizon.

Even after a projected worldwide revolution there will be the new grand struggle: the one for new humane relations between all peoples and that will take generations more. Some evil ones will just have to die out.

A true relevant revolution in this Third Millennium must be democratic, socialist and worldwide and it must topple the Amerikan Empire, which means a total transformation of property relations between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

The loaded gun or anti-personnel device still remains the tool of revolution in order not to mislead anyone into a bloodbath. We’ll still need our brooms, especially afterwards to sweep up the mess after the street bull-dozers plow through all the rubble.

“The violence of the ruling class of this country in the long process of its trend toward authoritarianism and its last and highest state, fascism, cannot be rivaled in its excesses by any other nation on earth today or in history.” ~ Blood In My Eye! ~ George L. Jackson
Brother Kyle ~ I for one appreciate your honest sharing. For sure racism is not restricted to only white people who hold white racist ideas, attitudes and feelings of superiority towards non-whites.

I suspect the first widely known racists were the Spaniards who used it as a divide-and-conquer tool against Native-Americans. They used racism to justify the enslavement of indigenous people based upon the false belief of their being inferior, that is, not equal or not quite fully human. Racism has been with mankind for many centuries in one form or another, especially by the ruling class to divide and conquer the people.

The psycho-social disease of racism has infected all of us raised in a racist society in varying degrees and dimensions. The concept of an actual race is a man-made social construction as there are really no separate races of people with unique DNA. We are actually one human race of people as a life-species upon planet Earth.

There are differences between straight out social racism, bias and prejudice. Plus, what may be perceived as racism may actually be a kind of culturalism: the idea that one’s culture is inherently better or superior to another, then, this idea is used to justify unfair and inhumane treatment towards those of a supposedly lower cultural background. It is like classism: when someone from a higher economic class thinks he is superior by nature to a poor person. It is another negative and should be condemned.

Some mixed-up Mexican-Americans or even confused Chicanos, in a kind of self-hatred, may falsely think they are superior to ‘wetbacks’ or ‘mojados’ because they were born and bred inside the United States unlike Mexicans born in Mexico. They need real social education.

In the final analysis, we are all one people under the skin with common survival needs, interests and capacities. No one is naturally superior to another because of race, stock or bloodline. We are all one endangered species of people who should strive to obtain a truly humane consciousness.

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    Seven Star Hand said...

    Hello Peta-de-Aztlan and all,

    The time has arrived to think outside of the box, or else...

    I know that many have chosen to write me off as some sort of a quack over the last three years. Now that this country and world have sunk to new lows and many of the things I've warned about have occurred, perhaps fewer will be so quick to scoff at what you don't understand. Neither religious followers nor secularists have been 100% correct and most have been dead wrong. Perhaps now you'll seek true wisdom and cooperate for the good of all before the Bush-Cheney-Vatican cabal revives the dark ages and puts you all in theological torture camps. Remember that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

    Understanding and fixing the failings of politics and democracy for the benefit of everyone, everywhere

    Politics is little more than greed, arrogance, falsehood, hero-worship, and injustice taken to extremes and organized into teams (nations, parties, interest groups, etc). It is the struggle for your group, hero, and viewpoint so you can profit at the expense of others. This forces others to do the same in self-defense, causing an endless loop, downward spiral, and no-gain effect. When money, religion, and politics are intermingled, they form a true inescapable trap or bottomless pit. It is the opposite of compassion, cooperation, justice, and wisdom and causes you to expend dramatically more effort, time, and resources than necessary to achieve lesser results than are possible when you simply cooperate and have compassion, empathy, and charity for each other. Harmony and cooperation are on the perfect path, while politics, religion and money are ignorance, strong lies, strong delusion, and utter folly.

    The primary, though hidden, purpose of politics is to effectively divide and conquer populations who support and participate in these great delusions. Politics serves to dramatically slow and confound progress towards common and common-sense goals that most people want to achieve. This is one of the reasons why major problems persist for centuries. When people finally cooperate to solve problems for the good of all, problems will finally be solved and stay solved. On the other hand, participating in and supporting politics causes problems to persist and even to reappear later, though they were apparently solved previously. Because of the ability of those who also control money and religion to reverse past progress and prevent true cooperation, politics is a great deception and a trap and the opposite of truth, wisdom, and justice.

    There is no true freedom nor freewill in the presence of such pervasive and institutionalized deception and exploitation. People have struggled for millennia trying to form working societies based on these three great follies. Those efforts always eventually fail because the inherent injustice and deception at the root of these concepts always leads to chaos and destruction. How long must it take before verifiable wisdom is finally valued over such long-term and self-evident folly? How much longer will it take for good people to grow tired of such obvious lies and turn away from deceptive leaders and their deceptions?

    Remember the saying:
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [people] do nothing."

    We are all trapped in a web of deception woven with money, religion, and politics. The great evils that bedevil us all will never cease until humanity finally awakens, shakes off these strong delusions, and forges a path... to the future.


    ...and here...

    Here is Wisdom!!